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Scientifically Strong Hair Care With KMS

We’re fascinated by how brands develop and change. With a market that’s growing as fast as male grooming, you have to be current to be relevant. Of course there are always products that will stand the test of time, but we’re always looking for products and brands that spark something new and push the boundaries.

This is where KMS come in. Their products are scientifically advanced, and are a sure-fire way of getting great hair.

KMS Hair have recently re-branded their products to take on a more modern appearance. If you haven’t heard of KMS before, we’re going to break down our top products that will ensure every man has access to great hair.

Who are KMS?

KMS are a hair care brand, that pushes the boundaries of the industry and constantly challenges the norms. Whilst their packaging and branding may evolve, one thing that always stays consistent with KMS is their approach to hair care. They separate their products into 3 categories; start, style and finish. Each product from the range compliments the next, and it’s never been easier to piece together a hair care routine that ticks all the boxes.

  1. KMS Moist Repair Shampoo
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    KMS Moist Repair Shampoo

    For most of us men, we style our hair every day. This can actually lead to a lot of product build up, and generally washing hair more than woman to remove the product. With that in mind, we’d recommend you use a product that nourishes and revitalises hair.

    The KMS Moist Repair Shampoo will help to restore healthy looking hair, whilst removing impurities. This scientifically enriched formula contains Polyquaternium-7, which helps to protect dry and damaged hair.

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  2. KMS Moist Repair Conditioner
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    KMS Moist Repair Conditioner

    Follow your shampoo with the KMS Moist Repair Conditioner. It’s replenishing formula will help to detangle your hair, ensuring it’s easier to style.

    It’s packed full with a beneficial blend of ingredients including Lactic Acid, 18-MEA and an AHA Structure Complex, ensuring your hair is left hydrated, strong and ready to be styled.

    If your hair is on the dry or dull side, this is the product for you.

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  3. KMS Hairstay Firm Finishing Hairspray
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    KMS Hairstay Firm Finishing Hairspray

    Every man should set their style in place. After you’ve spent time strengthening your hair, it only makes sense that you ensure your style stays on point for as long as possible.

    The KMS Hairstay Firm Finishing Hairspray is the perfect addition to any styling routine. It’s got a non-sticky formula, and will leave your hair with incredible shape and definition. The formula is advanced, and doesn’t leave any flakiness, which is perfect for a style you want to last all day.

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Don’t forget to shop the full range of products from KMS by clicking here.



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