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3 Looks you can create with Redken Brews

Since the launch of Redken Brews earlier this year, we’ve loved getting to know their range of hair care, hair styling, and beard care products. For this reason, we’ve been proud to have featured Redken Brews as our Brand of the Month for October 2018.

For this blog post, we’ve taken the opportunity to showcase some of our favourite products from their range of styling products by teaching you about 3 looks that can be easily achieved with Redken Brews. 

3 looks you can create with Redken Brews

  1. Slicked all the way back
  2. Impeccable pompadour
  3. Artfully natural

Slicked all the way back

Slicked back hair

Admit it, most of us have tried slicking back our hair in the mirror to see if we suit the look (we’ve all watched Peaky Blinders, there’s no shame). If you’ve got the face shape and the head-top hair length to do it, then it can be an impactful, versatile style, which looks as distinguished with a suit as it looks sharp when dressed down.

Anyone who has given it a go will be familiar with the most common complaint when it comes to the low-hold products, which are commonly recommended to create the look. Losing shape throughout the day is a major issue, requiring you to either sacrifice your arduously created style, or regularly sneaking off to the bathroom to adjust (and who carries a comb around these days anyway?)

The easiest way to get around this is to simulate the look of a classic pomade using a gel. Begin with damp hair, ideally having showered, shampooed, and patted dry to remove excess moisture. Apply a generous helping of the Redken Brews Stand Tough Gel to the hair evenly, before combing back into place. Allow to air dry so that the gel sets firm, before applying a quick spray of the Redken Brews Men’s Hairspray to lock it in place for a look that lasts.

Impeccable Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour is a high-calibre look, combining the attention-grabbing size and volume of  the classic rock’n’roll look with the versatility of the short back and sides. If your hair is long on top and neatly faded at the sides, then get the most out of it by maximising lift and creating an impeccable modern pompadour.

To get the most out of the look, work a small amount of the Stand Tough Gel through damp hair as a pre-styler, before blow drying upwards to squeeze every last drop of lift out of your hair as possible. Using a styling brush at this stage and help you achieve this.

Follow this up with the strong hold, matte finish Clay Pomade product to create shape, texture and tame flyaways. And to finish, lock in place with the Hairspray.

Artfully Natural


Perfect for all occasions, the aim with this look is to give off the appearance that you look great completely by accident. To achieve this, try to stray as little as possible from you natural hair, while re-shaping, and adding a natural looking texture.

The easiest way to achieve this is with a product such as the Work Hard Molding Paste. Its ease of application and natural finish make it perfect for creating the look without giving the game away, while its strong hold means it will stay in place for the whole day.

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