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Alternative Ideas For Movember Fundraising

Some of us just aren’t blessed with the ability to grow facial hair. If you’re one of the unlucky few, but still want to raise some money for a great cause, we’ve got your back. Here are a couple of our favourite ways to raise money for Movember, without having to grow a ‘tache.

A Bake Off Bake Sale

Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition, right? Having a bake off bake sale combines two great fundraising options. Have a competition with your office to see who can bake the best sweet treat, and then take it one step further and see who’s creation raises the most money in a bake sale. Simple, and effective. At least it is if you can bake.

You can even take this one step further and see who can create the best moustache cookies. Put your design and baking skills head-to-head, and raise some money for a great cause.

Meatless Movember

This one is pretty straightforward, and if you can ignore the cravings, you’ll get on perfectly. Give up meat for the whole month of November. Sounds easy, right? Encourage people to sponsor you for your efforts, and you can even try creating some vegetarian dishes and sharing them with your close friends.

Better yet – encourage them to get involved. Combine this idea, with the bake sale and try creating some veggie dishes and selling them to the team to raise funds for Movember.

Wax Your Body

If you’re struggling to grow facial hair, you might be able to go the opposite way and actually remove excess hair. With this, we mean by waxing. Surprisingly, it’s a really popular way to raise money for charity. You might need to ask assistance from a helper, just to make it easier. Trust us, waxing isn’t an easy process! Encourage to get people to donate, in exchange for witnessing you deal with the pain that waxing brings.

Whether you’re looking at waxing your chest, back or legs, we’re sure it’ll raise a bit some additional donations for charity.

24 Hour Fundraising Challenge

We’ll admit, this ones a bit extreme, but man it’s fun. What could be better than spending 24 hours with people you like, and actually raising money by doing it? Obviously you’ll have to do something during the 24 hours to make it worthwhile, so we’d suggest organising a 24 hour gym session or staying awake for 24 hours. You don’t have to do this solo, you can actually do it as part of a team and swap out the tasks.

Movember Quiz Night

This will be one that’s best to organise with a local bar. Get your thinking hat on with your friends, and set up a Movember Quiz Night. With an array of moustache related questions, aim to raise money via donations. You might even find a bar who are nice enough to donate a portion of money from any sales that night, to support this great cause.

There you have it – 5 of our favourite alternative ways to raise money for Movember this year. What are you doing to support this great cause? Let us know over on Twitter.



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