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With the weather continuing to be as erratic as ever, but with even more rain, wind and cold thrown in to the mix, it’s time to think about switching up your regular grooming kit to suit. During summer months it’s all about SPF protection and don’t get us wrong – during the colder months SPF is still important to keep skin healthy. Another factor you need to take in to account is the dryness your skin can suffer from with the addition of central heating and changes of temperature in the mix.

Male grooming in the winter isn’t that far away from your grooming regime in the summer months in all honesty. But as mentioned, you need added moisture protection against the elements. Here are our recommended products from Mankind:

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Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm: Lips are one of the most sensitive areas of your face and unfortunately not even a highly groomed beard will protect it from the elements. If you find yourself licking your lips more often over the thought of Mince Pies in the run up to Christmas, then you might find that this will cause chapped lips more, so protect them the best you can by using a moisturising lip product. The Jack Black Lip Balm contains not only SPF, but also Natural Mint and Shea Butter so has a cooling sensation to soothe sore areas and packs a hydrating punch.

Clinique for Men Maximum Hydrator: A fast absorbing formula which hydrates and smooths your skin without leaving residue behind. Perfect for the transition from warmer to cooler temperatures, it will protect your face all day long whilst quenching thirsty skin. Even if your skin doesn’t feel dry or dehydrated, prevention is better than cure, so be sure to give your skin a glug of moisture before you even begin to feel dry patches or notice a dulling complexion.

Lab Series Pro LS All-in-One Face TreatmentPerfect for throwing in your bag, the All-in-One face treatment which can be used any time, anywhere. Soothing, moisturising and repairing, this multitasking skin savior is ideal for any skin type and works hard when you need it the most. Perfecting your skin and protecting against the elements the Lab Series range is designed to meet the needs of any modern man about town.

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