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Introducing: Jo Malone London to Mankind

An exciting launch at Mankind, we’re proud to present Jo Malone London as a new addition to our fragrance category. This quintessentially British brand is pioneering the fragrance industry with scents to match every mood and occasion.

We now stock the male fragrance edit, including the highly sought-after collection with Huntsman Savile Row. Whether you’re new to Jo Malone London, or are a long-term admirer, discover the fragrances that deserve a place in your collection.


Huntsman and Sons is a Savile Row Tailor established in 1849. Producing some of the finest suits in the world, Jo Malone London partnered with this brand to create four unique fragrances catering to the modern gentleman. Each scent is the perfect combination of charm, elegance and confidence. The bottles showcase ‘Huntsman’ lettering and have an artfully designed burgundy lid.

Amber & Patchouli Cologne

The Huntsman collection is a classic partnering of scent with style, and the Amber & Patchouli Cologne is a popular favourite in the collection. The warmth of the Amber blends perfectly with smoky Guaicawood, balanced with Coriander Seed and Patchouli. We’d describe this scent as energising, uplifting and powerful.

Whisky & Cedarwood Cologne

The ultimate evening fragrance, Whisky & Cedarwood is addictive and enigmatic. Opening with a top note of Pimento, you’ll then enjoy the rich heart note of Whisky and a woody base note of Cedarwood. This intense and long-lasting fragrance is full of character and allure.

Birch & Black Pepper Cologne

The Birch & Black Pepper Cologne takes inspiration from British heritage. This refined fragrance is an expert blend of spicy Black Pepper and Cardamom, paired with woody Silver Birch. As a memorable fragrance that packs a punch, this is the finishing touch for the perfect outfit.

Assam & Grapefruit Cologne

Fresh and invigorating, the Assam & Grapefruit Cologne is a cocktail of citrus, warmth and spiciness. Spritz to enjoy a long-lasting fragrance that boosts confidence and attracts compliments. This is the signature scent that can be worn at any occasion. 

Jo Malone London Cologne

In addition to the Huntsman Collection, the Jo Malone London signature Colognes allow the male customer to enjoy modern sophisticated fragrances that express his personality. Jo Malone London Colognes are also highly giftable, with luxury imprinted at every touchpoint, from the exquisite packaging to the sleek bottles.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt

One of the most iconic Jo Malone London fragrances, Wood Sage & Sea Salt is a fresh, aromatic scent that everyone will enjoy wearing. A classic blend to wear during the day, this will make the perfect addition to your fragrance wardrobe.

Jo Malone London Cologne Intense

The Jo Malone London Cologne Intense edit comprises of five unique scents that can only be described as rich, charismatic and incredibly long-lasting. From Dark Amber & Ginger Lily to Oud & Bergamot, discover your new signature scent in the Cologne Intense collection.

Explore the full range of Jo Malone London fragrances at Mankind.



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