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7 Most Stylish Players On and Off the Pitch

Keeping up with the forever-changing world of men’s style is no easy task.  It’s amazing how quickly a once mocked new trend can become an every day statement style. Football players have been known in the past for their very unique take on trends. David Beckham rockin’ that skirt in the late 90’s was a brave move, and one that the footballing icon stands by to this day according to reports. It’s not only Beckham who has steppedtyle star that’s stepped off the pitch, so let’s take a look at the 7 most stylish players on and off the pitch.

David Beckham

You couldn’t have a feature about stylish football players without dropping Beckham in there from the start. As already mentioned, since his career began Beckham has been no stranger to fashion. Often referred to as one of the most stylish men in the sporting industry, David Beckham is the epitome of on-trend style. But what could you expect when he’s married to one of the most influential British fashion designers? Sporting a comfy yet classic hairstyle on the pitch and switching out for a dapper suit and tie in front of the cameras post-match keeps Beckham in the top spot of the most stylish players.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo certainly knows how to pull off unique and interesting fashion. As a man who cares a lot about his looks, he commonly sports various atypical accessories including fashion sunglasses, handbags and bracelets along with weird and wonderful belts, shoes and footwear. Even though he is unable to exhibit his peculiar get-ups on the pitch, he maintains an air of style through his hair and profuse self-confidence.

Thierry Henry

If anybody knows how to bring back questionable style choices, it’s Thierry Henry. Taking a seat on the BBC’s punditry sofa results in Henry showcasing previous fashion faux pas in a welcoming new light – including double denim ensembles and the humble cardigan. Simply put, he teaches men to ignore everything they’ve previously been told about fashion and it’s safe to say that he is one of the most accessible style icons for the everyday man.

Xabi Alonso

The charming and chic style of Xabi Alonso is definitely one to admire. As a man of elegance, his simple yet stylish outfit choices are effective to say the least and he is a man who you would never catch under-dressed for an occasion. Refined suits and stylized fashion are his go-to when off the pitch and mixed with his perfectly cultivated stubble and carefully coiffed hair, taking style tips from Alonso appears to be the way forward.

Aaron Ramsey

After recently stepping out of the hair salon and into the spotlight, Aaron Ramsey and his newly dyed peroxide blonde locks took a spot in our list of the 7 most stylish players on and off the pitch. Revamping his natural brunette look, this is one of the boldest styling moves since Beckham had his experiemental hay day. In 2014 he was signed to Elite modelling agency and Ramsey certainly is the man who knows how to put together a look, whether smart and classy or relaxed and casual.

Gareth Bale

This young chap has gone from blending in with the rest of the team with his standard short back and sides, to now being the star of the hairstyles,. Tying back his long hair, it’s always one step away from the classic man bun, but still keeping that dishrevelled look.  Not only has Bale grown out his hair, but he’s also opting to define his jawline and features by utilising  his facial hair. As the world’s most expensive footballer, it’s clear to see that he’s making some solid investments in to his style.

Adam Lallana

Deamlessly making the transition from football to fashion,  Adam Lallana has never looked back. Often seen as the footballer whom men aspire to look and dress like, his ability to look good in almost anything is a fashion statement in itself and it is enough to make anyone envious. It’s also important to not forget his brilliant bouffant hairstyle and cleverly crafted beard, which add a structured look to his face.

Now you’ve got some style inspiration from the 7 most stylish players on and off the pitch, why not check out our style guides to get the rest of your grooming routine in check?



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