Are you sick of winter? I know I am. It’s cold, windy, rainy, snowy and no fun at all. We’ve spent 4 months living in total darkness, with very little sun and our complexions are drained and dull. So how about a quick fix?

Complexion Fixers

These are products such as tinted moisturiser and BB creams that cleverly balance out the skin tone, reduce visible pore size and brighten the complexion using smart ingredients, tints and calming actives. BB Venom Skin Tint Capri gives fantastic results with almost invisible coverage (seriously, she’ll never know) whilst offering deep, 24 hour hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and disguising blemishes and imperfections. There’s three shades available: light, medium and dark.
Lab Series have created an incredibly popular BB cream in a medium colour that bloggers, journalists and beauty writers alike have been going crazy over! Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser has a broad spectrum SPF 35 protection, it smooths, covers, lifts and illuminates leaving you with the ultimate complexion.

It’s all about the eyes

Do you know what is reported to be the biggest skin turn-off? Dark eyes. Dark eyes, circles, puffiness and bags are the biggest giveaway of quite how ill, exhausted or tired you are. They change the shape of your face and make your eyes look droopy. There are plenty treatments, creams and products out there to reduce the darkness, as well as good diet, plenty sleep and lots of exercise. But who’s got time for all that?
So the answer… Murad Eye Lift Perfector. A lightweight, brightening concealer that immediately and undetectably reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and bags. Using the brush, apply three small dots of the product underneath the eye, then use your ring finger to gently pat it in (don’t rub or smudge). The product is long lasting and the effects are fantastic!
These are just two of my top tips that will make a massive difference to your complexion whilst remaining completely undetectable. Make sure to apply your moisturiser before hand as this will give longer lasting results from the products you layer on afterwards. Always heat your hands by rubbing them together before applying product, this will allow you to blend more easily creating a more undetectable and flawless finish.


Thom Watson at Manface
Accredited Skin Specialist, Beauty Geek & Writer of Manface. Working with some of the world’s biggest beauty brands, I try to review men’s skin care based on results, accuracy of promise and quality of ingredients, attempting to bypass the hype as best I can.


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