Shaving Tips from MEN-U

MEN-U know their stuff when it comes to shaving. This demonstration of a cut throat shave, shows how all the MEN-U products work together, to not only giving you a fantastic shave, but also a facial treatment during process.
To achieve the results of a cut throat razor with the home comfort of a guarded razor, try the eShave 5 Blade Razor and the use the Ultimate Shave Facial Set, which contains all the products you need to get a cracking shave.

The kit contains:

Achieve a new level of shaving in terms of slip and smooth ride for your razor. You will experience a closer shave with less resistance irritation and nicks and a longer lasting blade!

Before your shave the men-u Healthy Facial Wash helps cleanse and protect from spots and shaving rash when the skin is most vulnerable.

Give yourself a Facial Moisturiser Lift with a non-greasy moisturiser and after shave balm in one that leaves your skin soft and comfortable. Its mint and menthol formula also works to cool and refresh your skin.

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