Of all the grooming ‘issues’ I get asked about the subject of baldness is probably surrounded by the most myths. I’ve lost count of the times someone has asked me whether standing upside down can stimulate hair growth (it doesn’t) or whether bald men are more virile (sadly not, and I say that as someone who’s not quite as thick on top as he once was).

And just to clarify the situation here are a few more myths dispelled (or not in some cases)…

Stress can cause hair loss.

True. Your barnet is a barometer for your health so stressful events like divorce, redundancy or the sight of yet another Katie Price documentary can often cause the body to shed hair.

Shaving hair makes it grow back thicker.

False. Hair might appear thicker when it starts to grow because its ends will be blunt, but shaving can’t increase the number of hair-producing follicles on your scalp.

Over-use of styling products can cause baldness.

False. Has a fondness for hairspray and hair gel left big hair s icons like Simon Le Bon, Rod Stewart or the Cure’s Robert Smith bald?

There’s little you can do to make fine or thinning hair look thicker

On the contrary. Getting the right hair cut, using the right styling products and choosing right shampoo can all help fine or thinning hair appear thicker. Blow-drying will instantly give it more lift and volume, styling hair with lighter, dryer products like gels, sprays, mousses prevents it from lying flat and getting a short, textured haircut can make it look thicker too.

Ponytails look great on balding men.

Come on, do you really need me to answer this?

Lee, Mankind Grooming Ed



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