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Tried and Tested: The Final Say

For those who haven’t checked out the whole series, throughout February, we’ve been running Tried and Tested, where five volunteers road test four hair styling products. Every Friday they’ve given you their views on the product they tested that week, and in this final instalment, they discuss their favourites of the whole test. Find out what Tom, Tom, Tom, Tim and Sverre’s favourite hair product is below.

The Final Say


Favourite Hair Product: Lock Stock & Barrel Ruck Matte Putty

Runner Up: Closed on Monday Deluxe Pomade

Comments: I found the Ruck Matte Putty to do all the jobs I require from a day-to-day hair product better than anything I’ve tried before. Perfect for the office, ideal for a night out. Great hold, look, and feel. I’m fairly loyal to my favourite products, and I can’t see myself switching from this one.

Closed on Monday’s Deluxe Pomade I was also impressed by. It’s a great product for me to have in reserve for dressier occasions, or when I feel like changing things up a bit.


Favourite Hair Product: Hanz De Fuko Claymation

Runner Up: Paul Mitchell Wax Works

Comments: This was a difficult choice. I was impressed across the board, and to reach my decision, I had to overcome my fussiness about fragrance. Hanz De Fuko Claymation, despite being scent free, is a versatile product which stands up to the tests of the toughest hairstyles, can be used as an every day product, and holds like crazy. Claymation and Ruck Matte Putty do a similar job, and while Lock Stock’s offering had multiple advantages, Claymation really impressed me in so many departments. It had to be Hanz.

I picked Paul Mitchell’s Wax Works over Closed on Monday’s Deluxe Pomade as my runner up because I find it’s a more versatile backup product to have at your disposal. Textured, relaxed looks were easy to achieve, as were slicked back looks that go well with the product’s higher shine. I won’t be giving it back in a hurry!


Favourite Hair Product: Lock Stock & Barrel Ruck Matte Putty

Runner Up: Hanz De Fuko Claymation

Comments: After doing these tests, I have realised there are plenty more styling options out there than I’d imagined, and I’m happy to have found a new go-to product for my hair.

The Ruck Matte Patty suits my preferences perfectly with minimal shine and good hold. It can also be used for pretty much all occasions, from a smart/casual office look to late night weekend adventures. I recommend anyone tries it out and I honestly think you’ll be impressed. I would also like to give a shout out to Hanz De Fuko Claymation for the strongest hold I’ve ever experienced!

In general I have learned that there are plenty of styling options for any occasion, so I would encourage others to be more experimental. I did not realise that the options were so many and so varied, and I will definitely be more adventurous with my styling routines from now on.


Favourite Hair Product: Hanz De Fuko Claymation

Runner Up: Lock Stock & Barrel Ruck Matte Putty

Comments: My overall favourite product was Hanz De Fuko Claymation. Hanz down (sorry). There wasn’t much I could fault with this product other than the lack of any real fragrance. Other than that it came out top for me in all areas.

Once I got used to using it and manipulating the product before using, it gives you the ability to easily style and gives great texture to your hair. A huge plus for me was the textured look and in turn helped reduced grease production throughout a busy day at work and the gym.

Runner up for me was the Lock Stock Barrel Ruck Matte Putty, again a great product, but I found Hanz De Fuko just about topped it in terms of the texture it gave to my hair.


Favourite Hair Product: Hanz De Fuko Claymation

Runner Up: Closed on Monday Deluxe Pomade

Comments: Hanz de Fuko Claymation is by far the best styling product I’ve used for my hair. Extremely easy to style with, and it holds your hair in exactly the position I want it to be in. I am not a big fan of fragrance, and this product has none at all.

Closed on Monday’s Deluxe Pomade really took me by surprise, not the kind of thing I’m in the habit of using, but after trying it for a week I’m definitely open minded to using it in future. It’s malleable, mouldable, and great for flatter, neater hair styles. When I don’t feel like going for a full pompadour in future, I’ll choose Closed on Monday.


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