Last week we looked at Dry Skin and so this week it’s all about shine, grease and blocked pores that are all commonly linked with… you guessed it… oily skin.


Oily skin is highly affected by testosterone production so it’s no surprise that men are often plagued with it. There are advantages to having oily skin however; it has been found that people with oilier skin types don’t see fine lines and wrinkles developing as early, so thumbs up to that!


What is it?


Oiliness is an over production of oil from the sebaceous gland, our oil factories that lay near the bottom of your hair follicles. Skin’s texture is often fairly smooth, but with excess shine and may be slippery to the touch, particularly along the forehead, nose and chin (the T-Zone).


You may find that your skin looks fine in the morning but then greasy by midday, this is very common. You may also find that no matter what you do, the oil always comes back again! Argh!


What does it do?


There’s a very delicate balance in the skin, located just below the surface, called the moisture barrier, made up of both oil and water. When one element is diminished, the other often helps by over compensating, therefore skin severely lacking in water will start to produce more oil to make up for this. Isn’t skin clever?


As well as leaving you looking shiny, excess oil can also create pore blockages when mixed with dead skin cells. These blockages can form blackheads and spots, but not always.


Why does it do it?


Well the main design of the skin’s oil production system is to lubricate hair and keep the surface of the skin protected from bacteria and infection.


Due to hormonal changes, environmental aggressors such as sun or excess heat (not a problem in the UK for sure) as well as stress or health reasons, the oil balance can often change, sometimes it shoots up and we become oily, and sometimes it drops and we’re left dry.


How can I look after it?


Well the first thing people think to do is to reduce all the oil and start to really dry the skin out. In the past, people have looked at me with total disgust upon the suggestion that they use a moisturiser, but this is true?


Often oily skin suffers with dehydration and your skin can never get enough water, it just loves it. It’s often the case with oilier skin types that if you replenish the water, over time, oil production will reduce, as it no longer needs to compensate for the dehydration.


Cleanse – You need to find a cleanser that isn’t harsh and doesn’t contain powerful detergents to gently clean the skin without stripping away all the oil, because if you do, your skin will fight back and produce even more – this can be a very vicious cycle.


I love REN’s ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser, it has a very unique clay texture and doesn’t feel like you’re doing much at all as there’s no foam, froth or lather, but after using it, your skin looks radiant and feels amazing!

Clinique’s Liquid Face Wash Extra Strength, despite its name, is a very gentle and effective foaming gel cleanser, this really leaves you feeling clean and is as always fragrance free and allergy tested.


Exfoliate – Now, exfoliation is key and making sure that your skin is free of excess dead skin cells is a must, otherwise, your pores will block and spots will form. Did you know our skin pigmentation turns black in a dead skin cell, that’s why blackheads are black!


Instead of recommending a beaded, granule or chemical exfoliator this time, I’m going to give you my number one exfoliating secret, the Clarisonic.


I remember when I first saw it and thought “that thing is just a brush on a stick!”, but after I finally took the plunge last year and got one, I’ve never looked back. It truly is the best thing I’ve ever used in skincare.


I use the Clarisonic Mia in blue, as it’s a great size making it brilliant for my travelling.

Load your cleanser of choice directly onto the brush head, then work gently around the face for 60 seconds twice a day, 10 seconds on each cheek, 20 over the nose and chin and then 20 on the forehead. After a few days use, your skin looks totally different and it’s my secret to completely a bright, even and flawless complexion. I always use this brush designed for pore unblocking.


As we get closer to Christmas (I know, I’m sorry) this would be a really great gift, and if it’s for someone you live with, buy yourself a head as well, as they’re so easily interchangeable and then you can both use it!


Moisturise – So we need to look for oil free moisturiser, with gentle ingredients, nothing that will strip the oil away, as doing so will aggravate the skin and stimulate more oil.


Clinique’s M-Gel is perfect for this, perfectly formulated to replenish the water, and leave the skin feeling comfortable, whilst being completely oil free.


Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturiser is another one of my favourites. It has a bizarre texture that immediately makes you think it’s greasy and full of oil, but after around 10-20 seconds of massaging it in it completely disappears and your skin feels hydrated but with not a trace of grease and oil, it’s genius.I’d actually say that between the two, this is my favourite. The tube is huge and you need the tiniest amount.


Serum / Treatment – So to make sure your skin stays relatively shine free throughout the rest of the day, there are many treatments and products you use over the surface that will eat up all that excess oil.


Peter Thomas Roth do a great treatment, the Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel, that you apply after your moisturiser and really helps to eliminate that shiny build up. It’s small so you can keep it in your bag or pocket and just apply as and when needed.


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