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Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is approaching, but how do you celebrate when it’s no longer acceptable to go knocking on people’s doors asking for chocolate? Rather than being the Halloween Grinch and avoiding celebration, why not browse our alternative ways to celebrate Halloween! Whether you want to be sociable or spend the night solo, we’ve got something for everyone so you can enjoy this spooky holiday guilt-free.

History of Halloween

Before we start with the celebrations, let’s start with the history of Halloween. The majority of people celebrate without actually knowing why (to be fair, free food is a good enough reason anyway)! The origins of Halloween aren’t entirely clear but it is believed to come from both Pagan and Christian practices. It’s believed that the walls between our world and the next were at their thinnest on 31st October, allowing spirits to come back to life and walk our earth.

The dressing up aspect of Halloween was designed to protect people by disguising as the spirits to blend in. Of course, over the years it’s changed significantly, leaving most of the population just seeing a fun holiday. Either way, if you’re too old to trick or treat but still want to celebrate, you can with our alternative ways below!

Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Autumn Party

Rather than throwing a typical Halloween party with gore and costumes, you could throw an autumn party. Celebrate the season by having an apple bobbing contest and eating pumpkin pie. Add a touch of Halloween too by making some Halloween cocktails! You can find some recipes in our top 5…

(insert postcard for Halloween cocktails here)

Classic Movie Night

If you don’t feel like being sociable and having people over for a party, gather the popcorn, pizza and drinks and the TV remote. Switch the lights off to prevent trick or treaters and watch as many old school Halloween movies as you can stand. Films like Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town and Beetlejuice are great choices to make the most of your night in.

Stay in a Haunted House

For the thrill seekers, why not hunt out a house with rumours of being Haunted and stay there overnight? If you can’t find one yourself then go on a ghost tour of a house with a guide. Even though they’re usually set ups, it’s still exciting… You never know, you might actually see a ghost, who knows?

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