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Beginners Guide to Protein Shakes

As the world goes sporting this month, there naturally comes an increased interest in all things fitness. Exploring the world of health and fitness can always seem like a daunting task to a sporting newbie. That’s why we’re going through the basics this week at Mankind in our month dedicated to sports! Starting with a beginners guide to protein shakes.

Protein and its uses within your fitness regime can often be misunderstood and sometimes get a bad reputation, due to varying opinion surrounding their use. To fully understand and determine if you should be using a protein shake, we first need to understand what protein is and what it does for your body.

Firstly, what is Protein?

Protein is one of the most important substances found within the human body. Connective tissues, muscle, skin and hair are all made up of protein and it accounts for over 15% of your total weight. Protein is found within every single cell of your body and is crucial for the vital processes your body goes through on a daily basis.

Your hair and nails are all made up of protein, and choosing the right type of protein shake during your work out can make all the difference to your performance and reaching your lifestyle goals.

How Does Protein Benefit My Workout?

Depending on the type of protein and protein shake you use, you will reap slightly different rewards from supercharging your fitness regime with them. The most common method of using protein is in a shake form and usually drunk post-exercise. However, there are a range of ways that you can incorporate protein in to your lifestyle and enjoy the rewards pre, during and post-work out.

Protein not only helps you to feel fuller for longer, but it is also a great at repairing and developing muscle mass. Choosing the right type of protein not only makes a difference to your fitness goals, but can also benefit your performance and recovery. Whether you’re losing weight or building muscle, protein is one of the most beneficial elements to add to your workout when used in the correct way.

Which Protein Shake Should I Choose?

Protein Shakes for Muscle Gain

We all fancy that toned physique which will turn some heads when flexing down the pub, so to enhance your weight work out and gain those guns you’ve been yearning you’ll want to add a little more protein. As with all fitness regimes, the routine itself is only part of the process and your diet is going to be just as important as your training.

Keeping your protein levels balanced throughout the day with a range of high protein foods such as chicken is a great way to sustain your body’s environment for development. If you’re looking to enhance your post-workout routine then a starting point is Whey Protein for lean gains. For more advanced body building you may want to go for a more calorific protein shake which will give you the surplus calorie intake to increase muscle and mass.

Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

If you’re upping your cardio and looking for weight loss as part of your fitness journey, then you can get special protein shakes to support this. Look out for Whey Isolate protein shakes that contain additions such as green tea and antioxidants. Not only that, but protein shakes can keep you fuller for longer and fill you up quicker, which also helps to aid those inch loss goals.

Protein Shakes for Recovery

After a workout you will need to replenish your body as soon as possible and rehydrate yourself. Look out for a protein shake which delivers nutrients and contains amino acids, which help to synthesis many proteins. Not only will a post-workout shake help recovery, but it will also support your muscle development further.

Can I Get My Protein Fix Anywhere else?

It’s not all about shakes when it comes to getting your daily fix of protein. You can easily add more protein rich foods to your everyday diet. Eggs are a great source of protein and also very versatile. Try whipping up an omelete, or scrambling some with smoked salmon for breakfast to kick start your day. If eggs aren’t your thing, then nuts, chicken, yoghurt and milk are all foods you can incorporate in to your meal plans to ensure you get your protein fix each and every day.






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