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Which Hair Colour Suits Me the Best?

If lockdown has taught all of us one thing, it’s that hair-dye is a sure-fire cure for boredom. There are numerous different ways to see which hair colour suits you the best, from spray, to chalk to apps, as it is always a good idea to test some ideas out before committing.

If I could have told myself the same thing before dyeing my hair blue almost a year ago, maybe things would have been different. Thankfully, here at Mankind, we are dedicated to making it as easy as possible to fall in love with a hair colour, even if it’s one that makes your Gran roll her eyes on the family Zoom call.

Colour Masks and Semi-Permanent Dyes

Colour-depositing hair masks are a great way to dip your toes into the waters of quirky colours, deeply-hydrating your locks as you go. The Umberto Giannini Flowerology Colour Mask – Forget-Me-Not lets you unleash your mermaid fantasy with a splash of turquoise. BEWARE: blue dye (even in mask form) will most likely not come out, especially if your hair is bleached. Tread carefully.

Hop on the ‘lilac hair’ beauty trend with the Fudge Paintbox Hair Colourant, offering an unusual, fairy-tale sheen and a glossy finish. Lighter colours fade out after a couple of washes, so you can get a feel of whether the shade is for you, without being stuck with it for evermore.

Semi-permanent dyes, like BLEACH LONDON Slime Light Super Cool Colour, let you express your uniqueness and individuality on a short-term basis. Some colours cling harder than your high school ex, with greens and blues being the main culprits.

However, with so many different hues to choose from, the colours hanging around isn’t always a bad thing. To customise your finished look, combine two different shades, or add more conditioner to the mix for a more subtle aesthetic.

Apps, Sprays and Chalks

If anyone tells you that coloured hair spray and chalk are just for Halloween, tell them you don’t have room for that kind of negativity in your life. Not only are these options pocket-friendly, but mean you can try out half-and-half hair trends and embrace your inner Dalmatian-wearing villain. They can be found in most shops that sell cosmetics, coming without the worry of staining your hair or making it patchy.

Apps are a great way of not only testing out a potential hair colour, but also a new cut and shape to go with it. Taking the plunge and cutting off all of your lockdown split-ends is always going to be a big decision, so mentally prepare yourself first. Loads of different Instagram filters (although blurry) help to give an idea of what red, pink, purple and even bright yellow would look like. This would let you to come out of lockdown (when it is safe) with a whole new aesthetic.

Another method of deciding on a temporary hair colour can be to pair it with your usual makeup style. If you’re into grungy, smudged and dramatic, then a dark blue, purple or green could tie the look together. Playful, ethereal cosmetics could be complemented by a pale pink or rose gold. A regular smoky eye could be made even more smouldering with a shock of bleach-blonde locks.

Jet-black hair and a bold red lip would transport you back to the 60s, letting you jump onto the retro makeup trend bandwagon. Whatever your chosen colour-scheme, always make sure to embrace it fiercely (even if it goes ever so slightly wrong).



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