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St Georges Day Celebration Feast

What better way to celebrate St Georges Day than with a proper British celebration feast?  Here at Mankind we’ll take any excuse to have a proper chow down, and with these traditional British foods making their way to your belly, you may need to schedule in an extra hour at the gym. But hey, it’s worth it. Whether you’re planning on heading out to your local or making some of these hearty treats at home, you can find a little inspiration for what to serve up in our St Georges Day Celebration Feast ideas.

First Up, What is St Georges Day?

St Georges Day falls on the 23rd April is and it is celebrated in honour of St George, the patron saint of England. There are two popular stories about him – one mythical and interesting, one historical and inspiring. The first story explains how St George was a brave Roman soldier who protested against the torture of Christians by the Romans. He died for staying faithful to his beliefs and is looked up to by people across England to this day. The second story goes on to say that he slayed a dragon and rescued a princess. One of the stories is more believable, but we will leave that one to you.

Traditional English Food

English Breakfast

Start the day as you mean to go on with a traditional English breakfast. You know the drill; double servings of everything. Two sausages, two fried eggs, two pieces of black pudding, beans and toast is the starting point and the rest is up to you! Some people like to throw on some tinned tomatoes for extra dipping, or you might want to take the ‘healthy’ option and grill some vine tomatoes. Whatever you decide on, this hearty option is the best way to kick off any St Georges Day celebrations.

Fish and Chips

After breakfast, lunch time soon arrives and what better way to continue to the culinary adventure than with some traditional Fish and Chips. Usually purchased from your local chippy, you can choose your weapon when it comes to the sauces to go with this absolute classic. You can go for the gravy, like a true northerner, or mix it up with some chip shop curry on the side, but we definitely think this one is best paired with mushy peas – you can’t beat it.

Shepherd’s Pie

You’ve started the day as you mean to go on, so why not complete your day of celebratory feasting with a classic Shepherd’s Pie. We’re sure that there’s a soft spot in everybody’s heart for a home-made shepherd’s pie to warm you from the inside out in winter as a child, there certainly is for us! Give you mum or Nan a call and we’re sure they’ll be willing to share their fool proof family recipe. For an added twist pop some Worcester sauce in to the recipe!

The Desserts

Not feast is complete without a dessert. We have to admit, here at Mankind we are absolute suckers for the Battenburg cake. Those coloured squares of deliciousness wrapped in marzipan are absolutely divine. But what if you don’t fancy dessert in cake form, why not try and get some of your five a day in by having a fruit filled trifle? Pack the jelly at the bottom full of your favourite fruit pieces and you can feel a little less guilty about the indulgence this St Georges Day…. Honest.

Which is your favourite option from our favourite traditional English foods? Will you be featuring any of these in your St Georges Day celebration feast?

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