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Top 5 Travel Essentials for Men

Now that your summer holiday is planned, you’ve booked your time off work and you’ve bought your brand new swimming shorts and flip flops, there’s only one thing left to do: stock up on travel essentials to make sure that you look as fresh as possible on your getaway despite hours of sun exposure and flowing holiday drinks!

From cleansing solutions to handy grooming tools, our list of top 5 travel essentials for men contains the key products that you need to stay clean and styled this summer. No hotel en suite is complete without a reliable set of grooming essentials, and here at Mankind you’ll find everything that you need to make sure that you can keep up with your daily cleansing routine even when you’re away from home. Get shopping now in time for you holiday, and you never know – you might discover a go-to grooming product that’ll you’ll want to use for the rest of the year too!

1. Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF40 High Protection Cream

Before you do anything, made sure that you’ve got your sun cream sorted. Sun damage is the leading cause of aging skin, and in hot countries the UV rays can be particularly dangerous. A high SPF sun cream like Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF40 High Protection Cream is ideal to take with you on your travels, offering strong protection against both UVA (anti-aging) and UVB (burning) rays, and with a high sun protection factor less of these damaging rays will reach your skin. Remember to reapply every 2 hours, especially if you’re prone to hitting the pool! We’d also recommend picking up the Jurlique Sun Specialist After Sun Replenishing Moisturising Lotion too, just in case you miss a spot!

2. Uppercut Deluxe Men’s Wash Bag Kit

When it comes to travel essentials for men, this practical kit ticks 5 boxes at once. A wash bag is a must-have holiday companion for any guy that wants to keep on top of his grooming game when he’s on the go, and we think that with so many products inside, the Uppercut Deluxe Men’s Wash Bag Kit is a no brainer. Within you’ll find the Uppercut Deluxe Face Wash to get you clean and fresh, the Shave Cream to keep your beard in check, the Aftershave Moisturiser for a smooth finish and even an all-important Uppercut Deluxe toothbrush!

3. Truefitt & Hill Disposable Razors

If you’re picking up an effective shave cream and aftershave moisturiser, then you’ll need a quality shaving tool too. The Truefitt & Hill Disposable Razors have a shaped handle for a comfortable shave and have a triple bladed head for a smooth glide across the skin, making them a great choice when you’re travelling. Plus, Truefitt & Hill razors have been created with traditional grooming techniques and practices in mind, so you can rest assured that these razors will offer classic quality performance every time.

4. Molton Brown Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar

With the Molton Brown Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar, you can not only cleanse all over when you have a shower, but the black peppercorn in the bar acts as an effective exfoliator, removing dead skin cells to smooth the skin whilst cleansing at the same time. Plus, the soap bar ensures that you’re never caught out if you’re hotel bathroom is missing a hand wash. We think that this bar is the ideal all-rounder and should be a staple item in your suitcase when you head off on your travels this year.

5. Neville 2-in-1 Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

Who needs to take a shampoo and a conditioner on holiday when you can take one product that does both?! The Neville 2-in-1 Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner will not only clean your hair but will nourish and smooth it too, plus amino acids will help to repair your hair and scalp. And the cherry on top? A 2-in-1 product like this will take up less weight and room in your suitcase, leaving more space for crucial holiday souvenirs!

BONUS: Travel sized products

If you’re going away for a short length of time and you’re only taking hand luggage with you, then don’t worry – here at Mankind we stock plenty of travel sized products to see you successfully through security. Discover travel sized cleansers like the Elemis Skin Purifying Facial Wash (100ml), moisturisers like Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser (97ml), washes like the Trumpers Spanish Leather Hair and Body Wash (100ml) and even shaving sets like the men-u Ultimate Shave Facial Set, with each 15ml tube offering up to 20 applications.

What will you be taking away in your suitcase this year? Let us know your travel essentials in the comments below or on Twitter and Instagram with @mankindcouk. If you’re stuck for ideas, we hope our list of top 5 travel essentials for men has helped – you can pick up all of these must-haves at with free delivery worldwide!



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