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Unlikely Style Icon: Benedict Cumberbatch

We’re celebrating the best of British here at Mankind this April, so who better to be our unlikely style icon than our very own, home grown acting talent – Benedict Cumberbatch! This guy was a flamin’ dragon in The Hobbit trilogy; can you really get better than that? We certainly don’t think so.  Despite not being the most cutting edge or trendy style icon, you cannot deny that Cumberbatch certainly does have an eye catching look. Read on to discover why Benedict Cumberbatch made it into our unlikely style icon series.

Zoolander 2

unlikely style icon benedict cumberbatchEven though we wouldn’t necessarily take style guidance from the fur outfit, Benedict Cumberbatch is rocking some seriously luscious locks in Zoolander 2. If you’re going for the disheveled, long locks then a must-have to keep tresses like this tamed is a trusty Tangle Teezer, keeping your hair knot-free 24/7. If you’re trying to grow out your hair just like Cumberbatch, using AB Crew Caffeine Shampoo is the equivalent of absorbing six cups of coffee into your scalp, which can promote thick and healthy hair growth and it looks pretty ace in your bathroom too! For extra stylish hold on your smooth style, invest in the Fudge Membrane Gas and keep your do’ neater for longer.

The Fifth Estate

unlikely style icon benedict cumberbatch

In The Fifth Estate, Benedict Cumberbatch has quite a muted, yet desirable look by sporting a military style rain jacket. However, as much as we love this outfit choice, the main thing that stands out is his bleach blonde hair. Unfortunately, we discovered from experience that bleaching hair results in a frizzy, dry, damaged and uncontrollable mane. To keep yours under control, Men-U Slic Smooth Leave in Conditioner is the answer to keep your tresses hydrated and smooth. Style using Wella Professionals EIMI Extra Volume Mousse and you’ve achieved the look of our unlikely style icon, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Star Trek into Darkness

unlikely style icon benedict cumberbatch

Our final favourite Benedict Cumberbatch look which helped him to earn a place as one of our unlikely style icons, is his role in Star Trek into Darkness.  This simple and slick hairstyle really finishes off the look for his role. To achieve a similar level of grooming, carry around your trusty Uppercut Deluxe Men’s Comb to keep your style tamed and invest in the Hanz De Fuko Gravity Paste for the ultimate hold! To achieve the photogenically clear complexion, which Cumberbatch always possesses in front of the camera, try our skincare alternative to cracking out the make up, in the form of the  NIOD Photography Fluid. This bad boy diffuses the light, creating a flawless complexion every time – It’s definitely one of our favourites here at Mankind.

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