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Dress sense and hair style are key factors in a man’s style, however one of the most versatile and fashionable, yet often forgotten components of a man’s attire is his facial hair. There are so many styles to be tried and tested, and picking the right one to complement your face and look can be the making of a man. Facial hair has recently stormed its way into the world of men’s fashion, and it doesn’t look set to disappear any time soon. It seems with the popularity of the beard appearing on celebrities such as George Clooney, Ben Affleck and John Hamm, a full beard is no longer something you would only see on your granddad – instead it’s a modern must-have, and you can treat and tame yours with the help of Mankind so up your machismo, change up your style and embrace all forms of facial hair.

The Full Beard

If you are one of the lucky few who has the ability to go full beard, we have the products for you. With a great beard comes great responsibility – no one wants to see what you had for breakfast! We implore you to look after your beard, take pride and pleasure in it, but also give it the respect it deserves and groom it with our fantastic range of products.

We recommend the fantastic beard oil set from Men Rock. This Men Rock Beard Oil Set contains four different oils to keep your facial hair soft, clean and controlled, as well smelling fresh. A beard moisturiser is also essential as your facial hair needs to be hydrated just like your skin. The Murdock London Beard Moisturiser should do the trick. Finally, full beards have a tendency to become unruly so investing in a beard brush such as the Proraso Moustache Comb and Beard Brush Set should keep your facial tresses in check.

Top Tip: Always book in with a barber to get your beard trimmed every 4-6 weeks.

The Medium Beard

If you don’t want the commitment of a full beard but feel naked without some facial hair, then opt for keeping your hair growth in check with the Wahl Deluxe Grooming Station. With a rechargeable station, this Wahl trimmer offers 4 interchangeable trimming guards to create a neat groomed finish all over, without the need of a wet shave. Now you can be bristly without overstepping into hillbilly territory, and regularly trimming your beard will help to improve thickness too.

Top Tip: Even if you are going for a medium length beard, always close shave the neck area. We recommend the Braun Series 3 Shaver for a dry close shave, or alternatively if you like a wet shave try the Bolin Webb Men’s X1 Razor.

The Stubble Beard

Stubble is something that most men will have encountered when they haven’t shaved for a while, but maintaining that look can really transform your face. Low maintenance and a trendy alternative to the full beard, stubble is most definitely the sexier look and can be pulled off by many. Great for if you have a youthful face and want to add a few years to it, or if you want to make a more casual statement.

Top Tip: Grow your facial hair for a week and then go over with a beard trimmer like the Wahl What a Shaver Battery Trimmer. Plus, don’t forget to exfoliate every few days with a scrub like Clinique for Men Face Scrub or try a chemical exfoliant such as the Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Moisturiser.

Now you have the tools and the knowledge, the choice is yours. Click here to view our full range of shavers.



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