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How to look your best this wedding season

When it comes to fixing up for a big event like a wedding, choosing the right outfit is only half of the equation. Taking care of your grooming is the factor that completes your look, so we’ve come up with some simple tips to take your look to the next level.

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Face up to the facts

Make sure you’re ready to face the crowd by stepping up your skin-care routine. There are plenty of fast acting solutions out there that can take care of last minute problems like blemish controllers, or if you really need it, concealers. But to see the full effects, you should get into a regular skin care routine for at least six weeks.

Build a daily regime

Investing a little time and effort in your skin care regime can go a long way. Find a cleanser, serum, and moisturiser that work for you. Use them in this order at least once per day. If you exercise regularly, ensure you cleanse and moisturise immediately after to reduce blemishes.

Scrub up well

Using an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week as a minimum will keep your skin in optimum health and keep your complexion bright and clear. Depending on your skin type you may be benefit from using these even more frequently.

Give a man a mask

Why men don’t make more use of face masks, we’ll never quite understand. Use a charcoal mask once or twice a week to unclog pores and deeply cleanse the skin over time. In addition to this, using a moisturising and anti-ageing sheet mask such as this one from Barber Pro will rapidly revitalise skin that’s in need of a boost before the big day.

Make the cut

You can check out our grooming guide for the races for more hair and beard inspiration, but suffice it to say that an absolutely crucial step to looking your best for a big occasion is taking care of your hair. Understanding the benefits of a tactical haircut is a must. To do this, simply go to your preferred barber to get your usual cut, then observe at what point in the days and weeks following that your hair looks its best. Book your hair appointment that number of days before the big event and, disaster permitting, you’ll have a guarantee of looking top drawer.

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