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The Spring Clean: Grooming upgrades you need to make this spring

As spring rolls around, you should be looking to make some upgrades to your grooming routine. Your skin and hair change constantly in response to environmental factors, and as temperatures and humidity levels begin to increase, you should make sure you have the right products to prepare yourself for these changes.

When it comes to skin care, you should be thinking about switching out heavier, more protective moisturisers and serums which are better suited to your skin in winter months for lighter alternatives. Plus, while SPF is important year-round, with daylight hours increasing it’s now more important than ever to make sure you’re well stocked. For the hair, as the climate changes it’s sensible to switch up your routine towards lighter conditioners, more frequent hair washing, and matte products.

It’s for these reasons that we’ve come up with this guide to Grooming upgrades you need to be making this spring.

Grooming Upgrades you need to make this spring

1. Perricone MD CBX for Men Lightweight Moisturiser

Cannabis skin care is one of the most unusual and exciting trends in skin care at the moment. And it’s Phytocannabinoids, antioxidant rich derivatives of the hemp plant, that makes the Perricone MD CBX For Men Lightweight Moisturiser so effective. That’s why we’ve made it first on our list of Spring Clean grooming upgrades.

2. Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor

If you’ve not already, check out our article on how to avoid razor rash. Safety razors are tricky to master, but once you’ve got the technique down, razor rash will be a thing of the past.

3. Lock Stock & Barrel Ruck Matte Putty

Next on our list of spring clean essentials is the Ruck Matte Putty from Lock Stock & Barrel proved to be hugely popular in our recent Tried and Tested Series. A matte product with a strong hold, this is a great addition to any hair care regime.

4. Aesop Protective Body Lotion SPF 50

Making sure you use SPF is crucial this time of year, ensuring you get protection from the sun at the time of year when you need it the most. The Protective Body Lotion with SPF 50 from Aesop is a high end SPF that’s enriched with Vitamin E and formulated with silica to absorb excess oil.

5. Perricone MD Acyl Glutathione Eye Lid Serum

The Perricone MD Acyl Glutatione Eye Lid Serum tightens and firms the skin around the eyes, reducing the signs of ageing and combating blemishes. It’s a lightweight formula which is fast absorbing making it a perfect replacement for heavier eye serums and creams going into Spring.

6. American Crew Daily Moisturising Shampoo

The moisturising nature of this Daily Moisturising Shampoo from American Crew means it can be used day to day without fear of drying hair out excessively. It naturally tones and moisturises the hair and scalp leaving a healthy and refreshed feeling.

7. Jack Black Hair and Scalp Conditioner

The Jack Black Hair and Scalp Conditioner is a moisturising formula that works to thicken and hydrate hair whilst maintaining optimum scalp health. It’s nourishing but light, and great for thinning hair.

8. Omorvicza Soothing Shave

A pre-shave treatment from Omorovicza, the Soothing Shave cream cools and prepares the skin for a silky shave. It’s natural ingredients include Sea Mayweed, Apricot Kernel Oil, Camphor and Menthol. Rich in Vitamin A, it’s nourishing and has a pronounced calming effect, making it perfect for easing your shave.

9. Menaji Anti Shine Powders

You can check out our Crafty Cosmetics Tips article for some ideas on how you can be using cosmetics day-to-day, but if you don’t already know, Menaji Anti-Shine powders are a great way to mattify your skin and even out your complexion, without being easily detectable.

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