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The 5 most exciting new dental care products on Mankind

When it comes to being a well-groomed individual, proper dental care is crucial. A bright smile is one of the first things other people notice about a man’s appearance, and if your breath isn’t fresh, you’re not going to be giving off the right impression – it’s as simple as that.

Here at Mankind, we’re privileged to get the opportunity to try out the newest and most exciting products in the male grooming world, and over the last year, we’ve launched some great new oral hygiene products.

In this post, we’ve taken the opportunity to give you a guide to the incredible dental care products we’ve launched over the last year in case you may have missed them. Check out our 5 most exciting new dental care products on Mankind.

What’s new in Dental Care

  1. Regenerate Advanced Foaming Mouthwash 50ml
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    Regenerate Advanced Foaming Mouthwash 50ml

    The Regenerate Advanced Foaming Mouthwash contains the brand’s FOAM technology, which releases foaming microbubbles to ensure maximum coverage of the teeth.

    The mouthwash not only freshens and cleans, but helps to slow, and even reverse the damage to the outer layers of enamel caused by acid erosion.

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  2. Marvis Liquorice Mint Toothpaste 85ml
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    Marvis Liquorice Mint Toothpaste 85ml

    Marvis have long been favourites at Mankind, and one reason for this is their dedication to creating fun and unusual toothpaste flavours.

    While Liquorice Mint Toothpaste may not be everyone’s cup of tea (we certainly love it, at least), other members of their incredible new range of flavours includes Jasmine Mint, and Ginger Mintmeaning there’s something for everybody.

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  3. Mr. Bright Charcoal Kit
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    Mr. Bright Charcoal Kit

    The Mr. Bright Charcoal Kit is a Hydrogen Peroxide-free whitening kit, which makes use of the absorbent properties of Activated Charcoal to mop up and cleanse away the impurities and dark pigments which contribute to stained teeth.

    Fully Vegan, and including the most effective non-acidic  teeth whitening agents, this whitening kit comes with 3x Whitening Gels, 1 LED light, and a custom Mouth Guard.

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  4. Spotlight Whitening Teeth Whitening Pen
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    Spotlight Whitening Teeth Whitening Pen

    The Spotlight Whitening Teeth Whitening Pen is a teeth whitening kit that delivers professional-looking results at home. The pen includes a Hydrogen Carbonate Calcium gel, which actively removes stains from the outer layer of the enamel with long lasting results.

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  5. Aesop Toothpaste 60ml
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    Aesop Toothpaste 60ml

    The Aesop Toothpaste is a Fluoride-free recipe which cleanses teeth and gums by making use of Sea Buckthorn, Cardamom, and a number of essential oils including Anise, Spearmint, and Clove. This is an exciting new product from one of our favourite brands at Mankind.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Dental Care on Mankind, check out our favourite electric toothbrushes here, our solution to sensitive teeth here, and keep up to speed with the Mankind blog for more grooming expertise.

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