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Pizza Facial: The newest in Italian skincare

It’s not news that the limits people go to in order to achieve a youthful appearance are extreme. In the past few months alone, we’ve brought cannabis skin care and bee venom botox to your attention. But the latest treatment that’s getting a slice of the action is the pizza facial. Combining high quality ingredients with traditional techniques that have been honed in the Italian kitchen for centuries, pizza facials come in all flavours to fit to your individual skin care needs.

In this guest article, we’re extremely excited to feature Papa Jonathon from the Quattro Stagioni Skin Care Foundation for a hot take on the newest trend in skin care.

A patient at the Quattro Stagioni foundation

A recent successful patient at the Quattro Stagioni Skin Care Foundation’s treatment centre in Napoli.

The story behind the Pizza Facial

Papa Jonathon

In hindsight, the benefits of pizza for the skin should have been obvious to everyone, but the concept first came about after our CEO and co-founder Gino fell asleep on a sixteen inch diavolo while working as a designer for Pizza-Shack. Amazed to wake up no longer the pepperoni-face he once was, he saw his opportunity right away. But to take his half-baked idea and turn it into the multi-hundred pound business it is today required some pie-in-the-sky ambitions, a lot of time, and a lot of dough.

A lot of bread, sweat, and tears went into developing our techniques…

As head of Research and Development, you might call me the Godfather of the company. My investigations into the dermatological properties of Mozzarrella led me to conclude that due to its high lactic acid content, the cheese is second to none as an organic chemical exfoliant. The base of a pizza is naturally yeast-balancing while also being densely packed with wheat proteins. Coupled with antioxidant rich marinara sauce, the pizza base takes advantage of a phenomenon known as the Domino Effect to lock nutrients deep into the skin, offering long lasting protection. In our patients we’ve observed dry skin to be cut by eighth, by quarter in some, and in a few extreme cases even sliced in half.

The Quattro Stagioni Method at the centre of our approach is an all-encompassing pizza facial treatment, that cleanses and detoxes while replenishing nutrients, leaving your skin protected for all four of the seasons. A lot of bread, sweat, and tears went into developing our techniques, and we’re extremely proud of them.

It may sound cheesy to say it, but at heart our philosophy is all about traditional Italian food, just like Nonna used to make it. It’s also true to say, however, that our company would be nothing without innovation. Our patented Quattro Stagioni Technology is kept on a strictly knead-to-know basis, while our groundbreaking Titanium Pizza Slicer is a product of cutting-edge research.

How to achieve the perfect Pizza Facial

Servings: 4

Prep time: 20 mins

Cooking time: 10 mins

Step 1. It’s all about that base

As well as strengthening and restoring the natural yeast-balance of the skin, the base acts as a delivery system for the delicious toppings.


Pizza facial preassembled sheet mask

This pre-made sheetmask is an easy and effective way to get a perfect home pizza facial.

Step 2. Tomato

The sauce base is lightly acidic and filled with antioxidants, correcting blemishes and resurfacing the outer layers of the skin. Fresh tomatoes can also be added at this stage for additional moisturising effects.

Step 3. Mozzarrella

Adding the Mozzarella is crucial, as it not only directly delivers exfoliating lactic acid to the skin, but a variety of essential and non-essential oils.

Step 4. To top it all off

The toppings phase of the facial treatment allows you to choose ingredients tailored to your skin care needs. Fine lines and wrinkles? Try mineral rich rocket and mushroom. Dark circles around the eyes? Try a hydrating salami eye-mask.

Salami eye mask

Salami eye-masks have been found to have astounding anti-ageing effects.


The final takeaway

Above all else, the final takeaway of this article should be that when it comes to Pizza Facials, Quattro Stagioni Skin Care Foundation always deliver.

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Papa Jonathon

Papa Jonathon

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Papa Jonathon is an independent Professor of Mozzarella Studies, and head of Research and Development at the Quattro Stagioni Skin Care Foundation.