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Lesson 15: Pre-Date Grooming

Nothing attracts attention (for all the wrong reasons) as much as dandruff. So make sure you avoid snowy shoulders by washing hair with L’Occitane Aromachologie Anti-Dandruff Shampoo which contains a raft of potent botanical ingredients to give flakes the brush off. And if you don’t want an itchy scalp to ruin your night out use Aesop Sage & Cedar Scalp treatment.

The Basics

Facial hair might be in fashion but when it comes to passion, being clean shaven always wins out. But don’t take my word for it poll after poll suggests women prefer their men to be smooth. And with good reason no-one wants a bad case of ‘pash rash’ after a hot date. So for a super smooth shave follow the Men-U Steps to an Award-Winning Shave.

An Award Winning Shave in 10 Steps with men-ü

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An Award Winning Shave in 10 Steps with men-ü

The Oscars 2016 are nearly here! If you’re looking for your red carpet look this season, then you might want to steer more towards a clean shaven Matt Damon vibe, over Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant.

2016-02-17 08:30:25By Men-U

It’s especially important to ensure your hands are in tip-top condition in romantic situations for two reasons: firstly they’ll be on show all night (when you lift drinks or cutlery to your mouth) and secondly because we’re often judged by the state of our nails. Trim them squarely across the top with Zwilling Twinox Emblem Brown 6-Piece Grooming Set and make sure there’s no muck lurking under them by giving them the once over.

According to one survey 1 in 5 people reckon bad breath is the worst possible turn off and, next to a crop of cold sores, there’s probably no better natural contraceptive. To keep your breath as fresh as a daisy chew sugar free gum (a good saliva flow is bacteria’s worst enemy), drink plenty of water to prevent a dry mouth and rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash like Weleda Ratanhia Mouthwash.

According to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 88% of people always remember someone with an especially attractive smile. So when it comes to dating, your teeth could be your most important asset. What’s more, many dates often take place in noisy bars and restuarants where people often have to use a little lip-reading to follow what you’re saying, so they’ll be looking at your teeth.

Men’s skin might be oilier than women’s but the last thing you want is oil-slick skin when you’re getting smoochy. To keep skin matt apply Men-U Matt Moisturiser with Sebum Absorbers before going out.

The good news is that because Men-U is so compact you can even take it out with you and reapply in the loos if necessary! If things get really bad, blot first with a little loo paper then apply the moisturiser.

Use Your Fragrance Effectively

Scent has as always played an integral part in the mating game (kissing itself may have developed as a way for us to smell and taste our partners) so it’s little wonder that studies have shown women find fragrance a turn on. But in my book what you wear is probably less important as how much you wear. Overdo things and fragrance quickly becomes a weapon of mass destruction. Trust me, if you’re using an eau de toilette 2-3 sprays is all you’ll need. As for what works well, warmer, heavier and spicier fragrances like Molton Brown Bracing Silverbirch and Bulgari Man Edt tend to come across as being more sensual.

General Maintenance

You know how it is: you want to turn up on your date looking tanned, healthy and blemish-free. Unfortunately, your skin has other ideas. The solution? Nickel Le Grand Bluff Skin Perfector. Not only is it brilliant for disguising blemishes, it’s also great for evening out skin tone and masking any imperfections. It is to your face what the airbrush was to that David Cameron poster.

If there’s one time when details really do matter it’s when you’re under the unforgiving scrutiny of a partner (or potential partner). So don’t forget to deal with any unruly ear and nose hairs, tidy errant eyebrows and make sure you’ve no scary neck hair with the help of the Remington Hygienic Nose & Ear Clipper. And last but not least, ensure your lips are in a kissable condition by sloughing off any dry skin with a toothbrush and applying some Menscience Advanced Lip Protection.



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