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Lesson 12: Uneven Pigmentation

Lots of things can cause unevenness in your skin tone from environmental stress, hormonal changes, certain medications, acne and some skin disorders but in men the most common cause is sun damage, though cuts, scrapes and abrasions can also result in uneven skin tones. The easiest way to prevent this kind of pigmentation (apart from staying out of bar brawls!) is to protect skin on a daily basis with a sunscreen. Exposure to UV light can result in clumps of melanin (the skin’s natural pigment) to form in the skin and can lead to uneven colouration. One of the most obvious signs of this are Solar Lentigines (patches of pigmented skin) which are often found on bald heads that have been exposed to the sun.

Of course, we automatically reach for the sun lotion in the summer but it’s worth guarding against UV exposure all year round by using moisturisers like Anthony Logistics Facial Moisturiser SPF15 which contain a built-in sun screen. Apply every morning and switch to your regular, non-SPF, moisturiser at night.

What To Do About Patchy and Uneven Skin

When skin is patchy and uneven the fastest way to improve it is with a little exfoliation, but while using products like Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliating Paste regularly will help with pigmentation by removing surface skin cells, in the long run you’ll probably need specialist products to even out the skin tone. Many of these contain special ingredients to regulate melanin production and botanical skin brighteners which help fade discolourations.

Skin Doctors Bio Serum Intense Skin Repair Oil, for example, uses a natural ingredient called Chamomile to inhibit excess melanin production within the skin and reduce the appearance of freckles, age spots and uneven pigmentation. Worth trying, too, are Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner (the clue to how good it is in the name!) and Menscience Pigmentation Repair Formula which contains Hydroquinone a chemical that inhibits melanin production. Vitamins A, C and E can help too by improving overall skin health (try Menscience Omega 3 Supplements 60 caps).

If your problem areas are relatively small a good solution is to disguise any imperfections with the help of a concealer like Menaji’s Camo Camouflage Stick. Using a product like Hylamide’s HA Blur Face Serum can help even out over-all skin tone too as it contains light reflecting particles to diffuse light and ‘blur’ imperfections. Result? Instant airbrushing for the face!

Now you know how to deal with uneven pigmentation, it’s time to get some well deserved rest. Check out Lesson 13: Fight Fatigue.



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