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How To Avoid In-Growing Hairs

If you suffer with in-growing hairs you know what a – quite literal – pain they can be. Most men will have one or two occasionally but the problems really start when they become infected and swollen. Shaving often makes them bleed and the whole area can become sore and inflamed. It’s even more of a problem if you have Afro-Carribean skin as the hair is so curly.

Ingrowing hairs (or psuedofolliculitis barbae to give them their medical name) occur when a strong hair curls back on itself and fails to reach the follicle opening. Sebum (the skin’s natural oil) builds up around the hair shaft and causes a plug under the skin. It’s when this plug becomes infected with bacteria that the area swells up and starts to look angry and sore not to mention unsightly.

Sometimes the hair may grow out of the follicle but become trapped under a fine layer of skin. You can see these hairs running along under the surface.

How To Deal With Ingrowing Hairs

These type of hairs can usually be freed with a sharp pair of sterilised tweezers. Don’t actually pluck the hair out until the next day, though, as the follicle will then heal around it rather than over it. For bumps and bigger in-growing hairs try Tend Skin Solution which you simply apply to dry skin. It’s a product that’s gained cult status with men who’ve used it for one simple reason, it really works! Used daily it will help to prevent the in-growing hairs from forming lumps and bumps and keep your skin clear and smooth.

Dealing with ingrowing hairs takes a bit of time and patience and prevention is usually better than cure. Here are three simple ways way to dodge them:

    • Always shave with the direction of the hair growth and use a shaving medium that gives really good lubrication. If gels and foams don’t work for you, switch to creams instead.
    • Exfoliate regularly. Use a facial scrub like Lab Series Skincare For Men Invigorating Face Scrub once or twice a week to remove dead cells and free up trapped hairs.
    • Use a moisturiser or an aftershave balm daily to keep skin soft and supple and to encourage hairs to grow through without obstruction. Apply after shaving and again at night before hitting the sack.

Now you know how to avoid in-growing hairs, why not check out our style guide on taming hairy eyebrows?



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