As we approach the end of another year I’m staring to reflect on my favourite grooming products of the year were (it’s something we Grooming Editors do in the absence of anything important to worry about!). And it’s been quite a year for exciting new stuff. But a few products in particular have really floated my boat. So, without further ado, here are my top three Mankind faves for 2009. If you agree, disagree or think I’m mad, feel free to leave a comment!

With everyone’s belts tightening in 2009 this product came along just at the right time. And the glowing customer reviews are a testament to its efficacy. I must admit, I was skeptical about its claims to extend the life of razor blades but even I – the Scullly of the grooming world – was quickly won over. What’s more, it’s deceptively simple to use – you just rub your razor on the silicone plate to keep it sharp and gunk-free. Bad news for razor blade manufacturers but good news for you and good news for the environment too! Genius!razorpit-razor-blade-sharpener-imgrpps12

Nickel Le Grand Bluff Skin Perfector
To say this flew off the shelves when it launched a few months back would be an underestimation. It’d be more appropriate to say it warp factored itself out of the warehouse. And no wonder. It’s a superb, multi-function product that does that rarest of things – makes you look noticeably better, instantly. Not only does it conceal redness, dilated pores and even out skin tone, it helps mattify skin too. Probably my favourite Nickel product ever.

Lab Series for Men Mild Foaming Face Wash

Aimed at those delicate flowers with sensitive skin (me included) this fantastic face wash is a boon to any man’s basic grooming regime, helping rid skin of impurities without leaving is so tight Phil Collins could play on it. And I’m not the only one who thinks it’s fantastic – it recently collected a GQ Grooming Award for Best Cleanser too!

Lee, Mankind Grooming Ed



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