Humiecki & Graef FragranceI was handed another fragrance today from a company I’ve never heard of – Humiecki & Graef. Now you probably know as well as I do that there are thousands of fragrances out there and most of us probably stick to our safety smells (CK, Davidoff etc etc). That’s the beautiful thing about working at Mankind, I have managed to realise that smelling the same as everyone else is definitely not the way to get noticed!


So, onto the new fragrance. It’s called Askew and, as with most of the new fragrances I smell, I wasn’t too sure at first. After spraying it and continually smelling it for about an hour I absolutely love it. It’s started to remind me of walking into up market bars in London when you get the distinct smell of class and perfection. You know that the people there understand fashion and want to look and smell good. They don’t want run of the mill fragrances, they want something that stands out and almost tramples on the typical ‘safety smells’ that you buy in superdrug. Humiecki & Greaf Askew is definitely a distinctive fragrance. It would definitely help you stand out in a crowd.


I had a look at the Humiecki & Graef website to find out more about the company and they have an interesting concept. The fragrances are inspired by emotions and the two founders’ grandmothers and the experiences they passed down through the years. They have tried to keep them unique by having the bottles hand filled and caps hand stamped with the logo. It’s an interesting read –


So, if you’re looking for something a little bit different and are willing to take a bit of a risk then I would recommend having a look at the Humiecki & Graef range, specially Askew! If anyone has tried these fragrances then let me know what you thought of them.



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