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New to Mankind – Skinesis by Sarah Chapman! Skinesis is developed by leading London facialist and innovator Sarah Chapman. Launched in 2008, Skinesis, a performance proven skincare range, is the distillation of Sarah’s many years of industry knowledge. All products expertly deliver the visible boost of her high tech facials with a synergistic mix of the most advanced potent anti-aging ingredients and restorative botanicals. To celebrate our carefully curated launch on Mankind, Sarah shares her top three tips for male skin.

Skinesis by Sarah Chapman

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Supercharge Your Cleansing

Often overlooked, cleansing is your starting point to serious skin care and it is no different for men. Tailoring to your specific needs is the key to this step as the skin’s requirements vary daily due to factors like weather, stress, exercise and schedules! If your skin feels tight after showering, opt for an oil based balm like Ultimate Cleanse – this will deep clean, nourish and provide a beautiful base for a barber style shaving experience. If your skin is oilier, more combination, slightly dull and prone to breakouts, Sarah recommends Rapid Radiance Cleanse – a cleverly cooling clay-based formula to quickly deliver a revitalising and rebalancing action. If you have coarse hairs and prefer to wet shave soften the hair growth by applying Rapid Radiance Cleanse as a 2 minute mask prior to shaving.

The Grade A Skin Care Ingredient

Whatever your skincare objective, vitamin A is your passport to brighter, younger and more energised skin. It’s the perfect ally for men’s skin which has a tendency to be thicker, rougher and oilier. Sarah uses carefully calibrated shots of vitamin A in the majority of her formulas including the hard-hitting Age Repair Serum, Dynamic Defence SPF 15 and Eye Recovery. “Vitamin A is an overachieving powerhouse that persuades your skin cells to behave like younger and better versions of themselves,” explains Sarah. This ingredient works best on bare skin so effective cleansing is pivotal and so too is packaging – look for formulations housed in airless pumps to preserve its potency and shield from air and light.

SOS – High Tech Skincare Stickers

Given the toughness of male skin and daily extremities such as shaving, it comes as no surprise that male skin has a tendency to flare up with the occasional breakout. To counteract pimples, Sarah has developed these intelligent Spot Stickers which are packaged in a discrete white wallet for on-the-go application. These completely transparent transdermal stickers are infused with highly efficacious ingredients (like salicylic acid and vitamin c) to rapidly decongest, reduce redness and expedite spot recovery while you sleep or work! Simply apply after cleansing over any blemishes (or ingrown hairs)

You can browse Skinesis by Sarah Chapman here on Mankind.

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