Men’s Skin Care Tips From Ole Henriksen

Last week, Mankind met up with the king of skincare, Mr. Ole Henriksen, for a quick chat about all things skin. Ole has been in the skincare business for a long time, he opened his own Skin Care Center in Beverley Hills in 1975 and launched is first products in 1986. The range was updated and rebranded in the 90s and even today Ole is still involved in product development and spends time at his spa treating clients, so he’s got plenty of hands-on experience. Despite his very busy schedule, we managed to bag some time with the man himself, and he was more than happy to share his knowledge in men’s skin care and offer some tips for our readers.

What are the most common male skin concerns that you come across?

Males are always concerned about oily skin and too much shine. A good cleansing routine is essential to reduce sebum build up and I always recommend a moisturiser to keep your skins moisture in balance.

Which ingredients in your skin care products make them effective?

Highly concentrated fatty acids from Mother Nature are some of my favourite ingredients to use, helping to smooth, comfort and optimise elasticity. They have many benefits, and I like to use them alongside different vitamins and minerals which help to boost other ingredients in the products and make them stronger. I particularly like Vitamin C, the most researched of vitamins,which I use a lot in my products. Vitamin C strengthens your collagen for firmer skin, brightens your skin tone and removes unevenness. Also alpha hydroxy acids – they never stop working! They work on younger customers as much as my older clients. I work with 12 different acids in my products which have proven to me to deliver time and time again!

What is your recommended skin care routine for men?

Cleanse: Men are always looking for a great cleanser and they want a quick and easy application. The African Red Tea Cleanser has a foamy texture which is generally preferred by men and the subtle aroma is loved by Justin Timberlake. The foaming gel leaves the face cleansed and not tight which they prefer.

Exfoliate: Men love exfoliants and the Walnut Complexion Scrub is a foaming scrub which will reduce the appearance of pores, remove dirt and impurities. Use this twice a week for effective results.

Moisturise: Moisturiser is key for men! Something light in texture with a matte finish like the Vitamin Plus because it has a great eucalyptus aroma.

Do you have any other top grooming tips?

It’s so important to be madly in love with yourself and be confident! Nurture the love in yourself, we can all admire icons but be the best version of yourself! Men of today need to look after their souls and always take pride of themselves regardless.

How else can men look after their skin other than with skin care products?

Two main things – fitness and diet are both really important!

Fitness: The body is meant to be worked out and we need to stick to this and be physically active. Physical activity speeds up metabolism and helps stimulate endorphins which lift your spirits and makes your brain function better. Energy speaks energy.

Diet: Eat healthy and balanced, stick to colourful foods loaded with nutrients. Fuel your body with healthy food.

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