As I write this week’s blog I have to confess that I’m nursing a Chenobyl-style hangover. I’m knackered, have the kind of eyebags even John Prescott couldn’t better (yes, Grooming Editor’s get them too) and I barely slept a wink last night thanks to an excess of red wine tannins and frankly, sheer pride. The reason? Well, last night Mankind scooped the Best Grooming Website Award at the prestigious 2009 P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards.


If you’re unfamiliar with these annual gongs they’re probably the industry’s most important (they’re a bit like the Oscars, only without the naff dance routines, tearful speeches and crap jokes). Well, without the naff dance routines and tearful speeches anyway. The free booze flows, a smattering of celebs turn up (this year’s do was hosted by the brilliant  Lauren Laverne and a miscroscopic Mischa Barton sat directly in front of me) and there’s air-kissing a-plenty. And, God forbid, if a bomb had gone off the entire beauty and grooming world would have been decapitated in one fell swoop. Mankind Directors Hilary and Paul were there too, as was our lovely Sales & Marketing Manager Shereen and though a (justified) fear of nuts prevented her from sampling the excellent running buffet, the good news is that it didn’t prevent her doing the same with the champagne.


Anyhow, this award (and I’m staring at it lovingly as I type these words, before handing it over to the rest of the team for safe-keeping) recognises the fact that Mankind isn’t just the number one destination for all your grooming gear but is also the number one place for grooming advice too.


Over the last six months we’ve worked tirelessly to bring you as many practical tips, tricks and useful insider info as possible and it looks like it’s paid off! We also have lots of other exciting things planned for the rest of this year too so watch this space. And if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see drop us a line. Now, where the hell did I put those those Nurofen?


PS. For Prezza-style eyebags like mine try Biotherm Homme High Recharge Eye Serum!  



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