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With This Is England ’90 hitting our TV screens over the weekend, it started a ’90s revival in our living rooms. Acid bright colours, bucket hats and Gazza having a good cry got us reminiscing about our ‘yoof’ more than two decades ago. In the latest Mankind Playlist we’re listening to all things ’90s to keep the love for the decade alive.

Mankind Playlist: The ’90s Throwback

It’s clear from Shane Meadows’ previous work that he has a soft spot for the ’80s and ’90s and especially the bands. Showcasing this love throughout his work, from the original This is England film to Made of Stone,  which follows the resurrection of Ian Brown and The Stone Roses reforming after 16 years on hiatus, Meadows always remains true to his roots.

When it comes to ’90s music, it wasn’t all about indie and the battle between Blur and Oasis when it came to the charts. There was an enigmatic mix of music on the TV and Radio, with the Top 40 number 1 spots consistently fluctuating between the latest dance hit and more bizarre songs which started to arise (Babylon Zoo, we’re looking at you). So take a trip down memory lane with the latest Mankind Playlist and reminisce about a time when the internet just wasn’t a thing, and the closest thing you got to a mobile phone was a Game Boy.

Which team were you on when it came to ’90s indie music – Blur or Oasis?

Or were you more in to the dance music of the decade?

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