biotherm-homme-high-recharge-eye-serum-10ml-imgbtss15If you’re one of those skincare aficionados who likes to keep right up to date with what’s going on in male grooming then look out for a raft of products focussing on special ‘delivery methods’ this year.

By this I mean products using things like rollerballs to help cream, gels or serums access the skin. It’s already been a big trend in women’s beauty and with both mass market and premium men’s brands getting in on the act it’s set to be the big thing in male grooming for 2010.

Skincare pioneers Biotherm Homme got their first, with their High Recharge Eye Serum – a product I loved the moment I tried it, mainly because of the cooling effect it has on the skin around the eyes which is especially good for eye bags! The company will be pushing the envelope even further this summer with the launch of their Force Supreme Rebuilder – an novel anti-ageing product with a built-in massager so look out for that! Another of our fave brands, Kyoku, have something in the pipeline too so it’s going to be an exciting year. Personally, I love anything that makes skincare more fun so think it’s great that such exciting things are in the pipeline.

If you’re already a real gadget junkie, though, you could try the STOP Clinical Skin Renewal Device which uses radio frequency technology to gently heat the skin from the inside to increase dermal activity. You can’t get much more high-tech than that!

Lee, Mankind Grooming Editor



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