Dark Circles? Tired Eyes? Wrinkles? General feeling of ‘bleurgh’? Well despite not being the manliest looking of products, you really can’t underestimate the brute strength and power of this L’Occitane gem. Now over the last few years L’Occitane has come on leaps and bounds and made a big impact on the skincare industry. L’Occitane Divine Eyes is definitely part of that.
The technology in the product derives from a flower called ‘Imortelle’ – the flower that never dies. When on the skin it acts as a powerful conditioner and anti-inflammatory agent, whilst more importantly scavenging free radicals that can cause severe cellular damage.
You’re presented with an ever so slightly pearlised gel / cream with a very gentle and quite bizarre fragrance that you’ll have to smell to know what I’m on about, you’ll love it though. Only depress the pump a little, otherwise you’ll end up with half the bottle on your fingers.

Your eyes don’t look at all shiny and full of product, as this sinks in straight away, and nestles in your skin, juicing up those tired cells. Fatty Omega acids sink in and bind moisture to skin cells, maintaining your natural moisture barrier and keeping skin healthy.
Finally and I believe most interestingly, the product relies heavily on SIRT-1 technology. Now I’ve been a long-standing fan of SIR-2 (Sirtuin) technology, a protein strain that slows down the ageing process of a cell, helping to prolong life, conserving cell energy, keeping them bouncy and juicy for longer. SIR-1 technology produces similar effects, reducing how much energy a cell needs to consume, further prolonging its life, as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory.
What more can I say? If you’re looking for something to awake and rejuvenate tired and ageing eyes, then this is the one. After a few uses you’re hopefully going to notice a definite brightness in your eye area and over a few weeks a visible reduction in surface wrinkles.
You know how we’re always stealing her bathroom products? Well you’re going to have to fight to keep your loved one’s hands off this!
L’Occitane Divine Eyes is available here direct from Mankind at £46 with Free UK Delivery


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