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How to Apply Beard Oil

Maintaining a healthy-looking, well-groomed beard is a full-time job, which is why we at Mankind have devised a simple, highly-effective guide on the best way to apply the holy grail: beard oil. Short or long, thick or neatly trimmed, all beards deserve some TLC from time to time. If you have found yourself stuck in a minefield of questions, such as ‘how often should I apply beard oil?’ or ‘how much beard oil is too much?’ then don’t worry, as our experts hold the key to the ultimate, enviable beard aesthetic.

When should I apply beard oil?

The short answer is, you can apply beard oil as often as you feel it is needed. If you feel like you are prone to dry, easily-damaged facial hair, then several times a day isn’t going to do you any harm. Research shows that most people tend to apply beard oil twice a day, in the morning and the evening, adding more product to the hair in the evening to absorb overnight. The ideal time to apply formula to your beard is after a nice, warm shower, as the steam from the hot water allows your skin and hair to become more susceptible to product. If you don’t feel like you have time to shower (after snoozing your alarm 56 times) then dousing your face with hot water works just fine.

Do beard oils actually work?

Like most beauty products, beard oil will work its magic if you apply it regularly and allow it to distribute its nutrients. As it is usually made up of some kind of deeply moisturising botanical ingredient, beard oils hold the power to be extremely moisturising and beneficial, helping to minimise the look of broken strands and pesky wisps. For example, Bulldog Original Beard Oil is lightweight to avoid greasiness, along with being infused with Green Tea and Aloe Vera for a crisp, refreshing scent. If you are looking for something a little fancier, Mauli Nourish Post-Shave and Beard Oil helps to condition both hair and face, while promoting the look of regrowth and more luxurious hair.

How much oil should I put on my beard?

This all depends on how long and thick your beard actually is. If you are sporting a tightly-trimmed smattering of stubble, a very small amount will suffice, while a bigger, bushier affair may require a few pumps. As previously mentioned, if your hair is prone to becoming dry and coarse, then it is not going to hurt to add a few layers and hope for the best (which will be glossy, lustrous bristles). If everything goes wrong, there is always the option of shaving it off and starting again!



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