Argh! What is it with us Brits? As soon as the sun pops out so do the flamin’ flip-flops. And with the flip-flops come truly manky male trotters. Now, I hate to come across like an old curmudgeon but these, collectively, are two of my all-time pet hates.

Firstly, flip-flops should never be seen gracing the feet of a man on the street. Unless he’s Australian, in which case I can excuse this most hideous of sartorial faux pas. Forgive me if I’m mistaken but flip-flops are for the beach right? Or at a push for around the house/in the garden/when you’re in the gym changing room and don’t fancy picking up athlete’s foot.

When sported for a day out shopping, though (and usually accompanied by feet as black as coal thanks to our dirty streets) they look utterly hideous. Frankly, they annoy me almost as much as 30-year old men on skateboards.

And then there’s the bad feet. This week I have seen some right sites – gnarled, unkempt, crusty things that must strike the fear of God into women if they scare me. So please, guys, fling the flip-flops as street-wear and sort out your feet!

Lee Kynaston, Mankind Grooming Ed



Make Up Specialist

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