Well, what do you have it. FOREO – aka, one of the world’s leading skincare brands, has only gone and come up with an amazing idea for a new product. An electric toothbrush made entirely from silicone – the FOREO ISSA. I know, it’s brilliant, and it’s available to purchase at this instance.

We thought we might tell you why it’s brilliant first, though. The FOREO ISSA offers a much more hygienic solution that normal nylon bristles do, as the non-abrasive silicon bristles are bi-directional. Which in English, basically means it ensures full coverage of your mouth, thus resulting in prevention of bacteria build-up. The silicone toothbrushes also boast a pulsing action that works to stimulate additional blood flow, as well as an 8 speed interface, which allows you to adjust the frequency of pulsations to suit the needs of your teeth.

There’s another really cool reason why we love it, though. Every 30 seconds, the pulse indicates when it’s time to clean another part of your mouth. After 2 minutes is up, the brush will signify the end of your brushing routine. Honestly guys, if the FOREO ISSA doesn’t give you whiter teeth, we don’t know what will.


Check out our Top Three FOREO ISSA picks, below.

foreo mankind

Which FOREO ISSA will you go for? Remember, you can shop the full FOREO range at, with free delivery worldwide and free UK next day delivery when you spend over £50.




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