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With the new series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here being the hype of the reality TV world at the moment, over-taking our pals at X Factor, it got us thinking about what we’d take as our luxury items in to the jungle (or desert, either place where you’re a little limited with your swag). As we know, the supplies to the celebrities living ‘rough’ in the outback is kinda limited. So, when it comes to grooming essentials you have to be pretty savvy with your packing. Each man’s grooming kit is going to be tailored to their own skincare needs, but for an escapade in to the unknown there are a few key products which can suit any skin type – at least for a short while anyway.

Desert Island (or, Jungle) Skincare Essentials

When it comes to packing your skincare essentials in the most streamlined way possible, multipurpose products are set to be your best friend. By simply thinking smart and checking a few ingredients you can get creative and save valuable space in your kit by utilising multi-purpose products wisely.

Here are Mankind’s recommended Desert Island Skincare Essentials:

Jack Black Lip Balm

Lip balms are your best friend no matter what the weather, but if you find yourself faced with a particularly warm climate where you’re also exposed to the elements, your lips will feel the force! Dehydration can make your lips cracked and sore, so pack your favourite lip balm to soothe them. Because lip balms are packed full of skin friendly ingredients you’ll also find them safe to use on other areas too. Dry cracked areas on your hands? Rub a little lip balm on to instantly hydrate.

Murad Face Defence for Men

If you’re exposed to the sun for a prolonged amount of time then you really need to ensure your SPF is on point. The Murad Face Defence Moisturiser contains SPF15 with a lightweight formula. Packed full of skin loving ingredients, the Vitamin E will condition whilst Zinc combats and heal blemishes. This all-round moisturiser sorts out a host of skin issues whilst protecting against future complexion problems.

Anthony Logistics Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash

Despite being deserted in a land far, far away and lacking human contact (in this imaginary desert island scenario); you’re still going to want to have a good wash. The Anthony Logistics hair and body wash sorts you out from you head down to your toes, ensuring all body and head hair is squeeky clean and smelling awesome. The alpine scent packs a masculine punch, whilst Eucalyptus and Sage energise your skin.

So next time you find yourself stranded with limited room inside your grooming bag, make sure you pack some multi-use products like the suggestions above!

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