With two very distinct lines, Aqua De Colonia are set to become your new favourite grooming & shaving brand. Developed in 1899, Alvarez Gomez was developed when three boys decided that they wanted to build their very own fortune. Starting out as apprentices in a drugstore, they eventually found themselves in Madrid where Alvarez Gomez first appeared in their shop window.



The Agua De Colonia Concentrada range from Alvarez Gomez features a timeless combination of ingredients that make up the colognes, shampoos, bath salts and deodorants within the line. Developed in 1912, this line comes in vibrant yellow packaging and provides you with an equally vibrant result from each product. Using natural extracts and essential oils alongside refreshing citrus scents that uplift your senses.



100 years after the creation of the Concentrada collection comes the Barberia range from Alvarez Gomez. Designed specifically for the modern man, this classic scent blends fruits and spices including bergamot, lemon, bitter orange and ginger to bring you a unique and refreshing range of skin care. Featuring colognes, moisturisers and shaving foams all using their supreme scent and luxurious formulas.


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