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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Decorating On a Budget

With Christmas fast-approaching, it’s time to start decorating around the home. However, with a range of gifts to buy on top of other festive expenses, it can be extremely pricey already, without the need for décor. Once you’ve added that into the costs, you can find yourself spending unnecessary amounts of money. Continue reading to discover the ultimate guide to Christmas decorating on a budget.

Rather than spending a lot on fancy decorations, there are things you can do to add a touch of Christmas for a fraction of the cost. Below are our top 5 tips to transform your home with ease.

Start with The Dining Table

You can easily divert the focus from the home straight to the dining table with the right decorations. By adding a festive tablecloth, table runner and a centrepiece, it will completely transform the atmosphere within the room. Place some crackers, place cards and napkins between plates to fill the empty spaces on the table as a final touch. You can even present your food creatively for multi-functional Christmas decorating.

Wrap Decorations

You can easily make a room appear festive by adding small decorations in different places. One trick we find works well is taking things from around the home such as books on shelves and picture frames, then wrapping them in wrapping paper. Cheap yet effective, it saves space as you don’t need to move things around, plus there’s nothing left to pack away and store for next year. Just unwrap everything and you’re back to normal.

Use Greenery

During Christmas time, you can use nature to your advantage to create some incredible decorations. Use tree clippings, pine cones and berries to fill vases, make wreathes and place randomly around the home on shelves and tables. This will add a seasonal, festive touch wherever you go.  You can also place leftover tree baubles with them to switch things up.

Re-purpose Ornaments

If you have a collection of baubles and other tree ornaments which you don’t want to go to waste, there are plenty of ways to use them. You can glue them together to create wreathes, fill jars or hang them in different places for alternative décor. Combine them with greenery for an extra festive boost.

Light It Up

One of the easiest ways to add a festive feel is to use lights. From string lights to candles, you can turn anything into a Christmas decoration. Hang them either inside or outdoors, on fences, bannisters and anywhere you think looks great. This is especially good if you don’t have the space for a tree as you can add light with minimal effort that doesn’t take up much room.

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