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Meet Your Match: Your New Favourite Skincare Essential

Our theme for this February is Meet Your Match, and to tie in with it, we’re running a series in which we hope to introduce you to your new favourites.

We’re lucky enough here at Mankind headquarters to get to test out a huge amount of new and exciting grooming products, but we know that your average man will find something that more or less does the job and stick to it for life. This series is all about playing matchmaker, hooking you up with the grooming essentials that you’ve never tried, but we’re certain you’re going to love.

In this post, we give you 3 reasons why you need to try the Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash.

Meet Your Match: Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash

1. It’s more than just a cleanser

Whatever your skin type and lifestyle, to ensure your skin is clean, strong, and healthy, you should not only be cleansing at least once per day, but regularly exfoliating. The Multi Action Face Wash has both cleansing, and mildly exfoliating properties.

What makes it special is its unusual approach to exfoliating. Its Apricot Kernel microbeads, compared to many exfoliants on the market, are relatively soft and supple to the touch. In addition to this, there is a low concentration of exfoliating beads.

What this means is that it gives an outstanding level of control over how intensely you exfoliate. Vigorously working into the skin will produce deeply exfoliating effects. Lightly massaging the Face Wash in will simply cleanse, rather than exfoliating.

Finally, its deeply conditioning formula, enriched with vitamins and minerals, will nourish the skin to avoid damage, irritation, and blemishes.

2. Whatever your skin type, it will do the job

The Multi-Action Face Wash’s triple-function not only makes it extremely usable, but makes it effective whatever skin type you are. For those with oily skin, its rich lather effectively dissolves and sweeps away oil, dirt, and pollutants. For those who have dry or flaky skin, its exfoliating beads will help to slough away dead skin cells. If you have sensitive skin, its conditioning agents will soothe irritation and help to prevent inflammation and outbreaks.

3. It wakes up your skin

When Lab Series polled men about their skincare concerns, they found that their highest priority was to combat ‘skin fatigue’. Tired skin is a difficult concept to pin down, as there are multiple factors that feeds in to your skin appearing tired, but we all know what it means. Skin looks fatigued when it’s dry, pale, or ashy.

Not only does the Multi-Action Face Wash cleanse away dead skin cells, speeding up the cell regeneration process, as well as conditioning your skin to replenish lost moisture, but it contains Menthol. This stimulates blood flow to the surface of your skin immediately after use, opening up blood vessels and increasing nutrient turnover. Literally bringing the colour back to your cheeks, this process ensures your skin looks healthy and refreshed, with lasting effects.

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