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Free Comic Book Day

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be if there was a day dedicated to comic books? If you have, your dream has come true and we are about to tell you why. On May 7th 2016, not only is it dedicated to comics, it is actually Free Comic Book Day. Everybody loves a good comic book and if you can get one for free, we’re going to be straight in the queue! If you’re a little confused with this entire concept then don’t worry, we were at first too. Just read on and find out all about this awesome day!

What is Free Comic Book Day?

Starting with an idea in August 2001, the concept of Free Comic Book Day was created. The owner of ‘Flying Colours Comics & Other Cool Stuff’, Joe Field, published an article about giving away comic books to encourage the general public to visit their local comic book shop. In May 2002, the very first Free Comic Book Day was celebrated and more than two-million books were given away worldwide! After the success of this, Free Comic Book Day is held once a year and we think it’s great!

Find a Participating Store

If you want to get involved and pick up your free comic on May 7th Free Comic Book Day 2016, you can check here using your post code to find your local participating comic book store. We’ve also managed to find a list of the 50 comic books which will be available to pick up for free on this day here so you can decide beforehand which one to choose. It’s great to see that this small concept which began over in American has caught the attention of comic books shops here in the UK!

Why Not Cosplay for Free Comic Book Day?

It’s always fun to cosplay and when the perfect opportunity comes along, it only makes sense to jump at the chance and have fun! Grab your Superman, Batman or Spiderman costume, get your friends to join you and get yourself down to the comic book store and geek out. It would be a shame to keep your best cosplay in the cupboard on such a momentous day after all.

What free comic book do you think you’ll be picking up this Free Comic Book Day?

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