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The Beard Trend

Although we’re only in April, we feel confident in saying that this year may well be the year of the beard. Yes, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have spotted this new hipster sensation, and seeing as it’s a trend that gives us an extra ten minutes in bed (and no unsightly razor nicks to hide en route to work!) it’s one that we have absolutely no problem in supporting. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at what exactly has caused this surge in popularity, and how you can look after your very own facial fuzz.

Why are beards so popular?

We can talk all day about their seemingly sudden rise in popularity, but what exactly has caused it? Well, aside from the time-saving aspects, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that beards are currently being seen on everyone from A-Listers Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling, to the guy serving you drinks on a Friday night. Yes, it seems that the entire male population is ditching the fresh-faced look and growing a beard, with some reports even mentioning a rise in facial hair transplants over the last few months.

To try and find out more about the Beard Trend of 2014, we caught up with male blogger Dan, who blogs over at the lifestyle and parenting blog DannyUK, who spoke to us about the main reasons he believes that beards are back. He said: “Okay, firstly, they fit your face. Seriously, get the tightest piece of Lycra you can find, stretch it over your face and it still won’t fit as snugly as a beard. Secondly, a good beard is always a talking point. People will mention it in conversation with you, making it a great way to meet people. Equally, a bad beard is a great way to get people talking about you rather than to you (though some may argue that’s no bad thing in itself…). Thirdly, they can be styled. Want to give off a laid back vibe? Go with a bushy beard. Want the world to know you’re trying to be trendy? Try stubble that has been shaved into a shape. Stuck in the 90s? Goatee. The possibilities go on and on. Another reason? Prehistoric man had them. Only social decorum dictates that we should remove half of the hair growing from our neck up, and quite how it was decided that the shaving of hair should stop somewhere near the ears and no higher or lower is lost to time. And lastly (if you needed any more convincing), beards are cool. You know it and I know it. Father Christmas has one. Even Jesus had one. Need I say more?”

We certainly agree, so with the beard trend in full force, here are some Mankind tips on growing your own, caring for it and, more importantly, keeping it looking good!

How do I grow a beard?

The obvious answer to this is, of course, stop shaving. But you know as well as us that even Mother Nature needs a helping out from time to time and only if you’re one of the lucky ones will your hair grow evenly all over your face. For many of us, it’s a very different story and some hairs grow a lot faster than others, inevitably looking a little bit patchy when left to do their own thing. After around four weeks of growth, try trimming your beard to make the length uniform and encourage it to grow at the same rate. The BaByliss Beard Trimmer is perfect for this, as it has electrochemically sharpened blades and comes with several lengths to allow you to achieve any look you want. As your beard grows out, you can increase the length of your trim and keep your beard at a length you love.

Maintaining a beard

So, whether you have only just started to skip shaving or already have a beard to rival Brian Blessed, caring for your beard is the next step in keeping it looking nice and healthy (we don’t want to look homeless now do we?). Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs washing regularly, and we love the Men Rock The Beard Soap as it leaves your beard completely clean and gets rid of any dead skin (or, ahem, food) that may collect in it during the day.

The finishing touches

So your beard is at a length you’re happy with, it’s perfectly trimmed and washed regularly, what else do you need? With its smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips that glide through hair without snagging, the Baxter Of California Beard Comb is at the top of our list and is something that is guaranteed to keep everything looking neat and tidy. And to finish it all off? Just about our favourite beard-related product ever; the Men Rock Beard Oil which is formulated with natural ingredients, including vitamin E, and acts as a light cologne as well as a beard softener.


So that’s our take on why beards are having such a moment. Have you grown one yet?



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