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Wardrobe Upgrades You Need To Make

There’s not better time to switch out your style than the beginning of the year. Why? Because of New Years Resolutions of course!
We’ve been inspired by London Fashion Week 2017 – it’s given us the motivation to switch up our style and find some new wardrobe upgrades. Here’s some ideas we’re using as inspiration for every new fashion purchase we’re making. If you want to be on trend, you should probably take inspiration from them too!

Layering And Colour Match

780x390-LFWM By Andrew Barber (OmniStyle)-11

Layering is a staple winter decision. One thing we particularly love about this style is the coordination of the colour of the scarf, with the blazer. It helps to tie everything together and it means that no matter the colour of your jumper or coat, the outfit will tie together. We’ve also noticed that the roll-neck jumper is super on trend, so if you’re looking for one thing to add to your wardrobe, make sure that’s it!

Smart Footwear And Roll Ups

780x390-foot-LFWM By Andrew Barber (OmniStyle)-11

Looking smart doesn’t have to be boring. We know that whenever we see ‘business wear’ on an invitation, our first instincts are to grab a suit. However as shown here, it’s possible to wear smart shoes and trousers, yet still remain on trend. Turn up the bottom of your pants and pop on a pair of socks that match other elements of your outfit and you’re onto a winner.

A Bold Staple Jacket And Pattern Matching

780x390-LFWMD3 By Andrew Barber (OmniStyle)-54

In the midst of all your smart wear, you can still be trendy in a more casual way. Keeping your colour palette the same is pretty standard, but how do you feel about keeping your patterns the same? We love how this jacket is pair with a shirt, and both are in a checked print. Don’t be afraid to match, as you can see from this picture – it works! Buy some new pieces that match your current wardrobe and it’ll bring a new ray of light to your style.

Earthy Tones

780x390-LFWMD2I By Andrew Barber (OmniStyle)-59

Sticking to one colour scheme makes it so easy to pull outfits together. We’ve always been a fan of earthy tones, however we think this is going to continue throughout 2017. Pick up statement pieces in khaki, green and tan colours. They go with pretty much anything, and add an edge of casual to any style. We heard last from our friends over at Coggles that pairing khaki with musty pink is going to be a huge trend – and we can definitely see that being the case.

Casual Footwear and Bold Socks

780x390-foot-LFWMD2I By Andrew Barber (OmniStyle)-59

When looking at your outfit overall, don’t forget about the socks! As you can see from the post, having a matching pair of socks can tie a whole outfit together. It works with casual and smart footwear, just make sure your trousers fall slightly higher than your ankles to show it all off.

There you have it – a couple of our observations on the latest fashion trends! If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, any of the above outfits would be the perfect starting point!

What’s your favourite piece of clothing? Let us know on Twitter. We’re all about khaki parkers!



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