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Best Books to Read This Autumn

When the darkness draws in to cold nights, it’s important to spend time to de-stress and unwind. Even though it’s good to sit back and watch TV or film, a good book can be the best remedy. Allowing you to get lost in a story whilst improving your intelligence and imagination, it’s a rewarding form of entertainment. Not only that, your eyes are given a break from the bright, artificial light of screens, helping you to sleep better afterwards. Unsure what to read? Discover the best books to read this autumn with our top recommendations below.

Best Books for Men

For The Sci-fi Fan

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is most commonly recognised as a collection of movies, yet originally began as a book trio. Based on a theme of political submission, protagonist Katniss Everdeen is made to fight to the death amongst 23 other children in a futuristic arena on live television. She has been taught to hunt from a young age, meaning her survival instincts are well tuned. Yet the others are born to fight and the question is, who will survive?

For The Action Fan

Packed from cover to cover with action and adventure, The Relic Hunters by David Leadbeater is an award-winning novel. We definitely recommend it as one of the best books to read for any action fan. The plot features a highly-qualified relic smuggler who ends up working on the opposing side after an unexpected twist in events. Focusing on fighting crime and solving mysteries, it keeps you gripped from start to finish.

For The Drama Fan

The ultimate drama fiction Gone Girl, written by Gillian Flynn is another well-known novel. This is due to the film adaptation released in 2014. Offering a compelling story-line, tightly woven plot and a series of unexpected twist, this book is a perfect autumn read for anyone who loves drama and mystery. Find out what happened to Nick’s wife Amy once and for all with this thrilling novel.

For The Horror Fan

Playing on anxious feelings, The Camera Man by Amy Cross has captured the true essence of paranoia and supernatural experiences. A girl haunted by a man attempting to record her life may appear as a standard crime, but it’s much more complex. It allows you to get lost in the idea of paranormal activity. This page turner will take you into a world of real-life fears and horror so you can discover the truth behind the camera man.

For The Fantasy Fan

Recently adapted into screenplay, A Monster Calls written by Patrick Ness is a highly emotional book praised by critics. Focused on a young boy’s mental struggle through his mother’s illness, it can hit hard depending on personal circumstances. Evolving into a fantasy with more depth than is expected in the genre, it works alongside a relatable sense of imagination. In turn, it allows you to dissect your own personality.

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