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Staples for Styling a Red Carpet-Worthy Wardrobe

Looking good makes you feel good, and the first step is to take care of your wardrobe. By ensuring that you have a few style staples, it makes it a whole lot easier to put together a smart, tasteful outfit. We’ve put together a list of staples for every man’s wardrobe, no matter what their personal taste. These classic, versatile pieces can be paired with a wide variety of clothes, making them essential for any fashion conscious male.

Men’s Wardrobe Staples

Straight-Leg Jeans

Every man should own a few pairs of straight-leg, blue denim jeans. Holding shape without preventing full leg movement, they’re the perfect happy medium between baggy jeans and skinny jeans.

Versatile Blazer

A tailored blazer can be used throughout all of the seasons to add a classy touch to any outfit. Opting for a navy or black blazer will be the most versatile, ready to wear to enhance otherwise casual wear. It can also create a professional feel to your clothing choices.

Lace Up Shoes

A quality pair of lace up shoes are an investment which can last a lifetime. When made well and taken care of, they will remain stylish and comfortable throughout the years. You can wear them with almost any outfit, so you can be sure that they won’t be left gathering dust.

White Button Down Shirt

Switching out your t-shirt for a white button down shirt will smarten up any casual look with minimal effort. Classic and understated, it looks great on everyone and is one of the cheapest style investments you can make.

Crewneck Jumper

For days when you feel the need to put comfort over fashion, the crewneck jumper will become your best friend. Providing both warmth and style, it ensures that you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other.

Stylish Watch

A classic timepiece is the ultimate accessory for any red carpet-worthy wardrobe. Being able to glance at your wrist for the time with a modern yet timeless watch is much more sophisticated than checking your phone, plus it’s a lot easier too.

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