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What’s inside the Mankind Advent Calendar: Week 3

What's inside the Mankind Advent Calendar: Week 2?

For those who’ve not already read our first and second instalment, we’ve been giving our readers a detailed breakdown of what’s been inside the Mankind Advent Calendar each day of December in the run up to Christmas. Read more to find out about the incredible grooming products that have been behind that last week’s doors, and from everyone at team Mankind, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

What’s inside the Mankind Advent Calendar: Week 3

What's inside the Mankind Advent Calendar?

Day 20

Triumph & Disaster Fibre Royale

  • A matte styling product with a natural finish.
  • Works particularly well with medium to long hair.
  • Offers hold and control without darkening or appearing greasy.

Formulated with Beeswax and Argan Oil, and Kawakawa, this thickening and enriching hair wax imparts a strong hold with a virtually undetectable natural finish. Its rich and distinctive fragrance, Triumph & Disaster’s signature Santa Monica scent, as well as its residue-free hold will see it become a firm favourite.

Day 21

Marvis Cinnamon Toothpaste

  • Whitening and protecting toothpaste.
  • Unique Cinnamon flavour.

The Cinammon Toothpaste from Marvis has long been a favourite at Mankind. Its cinnamon flavour is quite unlike any other dental product on the market, and it’s both protective and gently whitening.

Day 22

Regenerate Foaming Mouthwash

  • An expertly designed Mouthwash.
  • Actively combats dental erosion.
  • Can reverse enamel damage.
  • Pump directly into the mouth 3 times, swill around for 30 seconds, and spit.
  • Use at least once daily after brushing, after meals, or when required.

The Regenerate Foaming Mouth Wash is not only breath freshening, but works to actively combat the enamel erosion that is responsible for tooth sensitivity, as well as partly responsible for dental discolouration. Using shortly after eating is a quick and convenient way to make sure you’re protecting your teeth against erosion, and with regular use, it’s possible to go some way to reverse existing damage.

Day 23

Avant RNA Radical Anti-Ageing Eye Lift Cream

  • RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) combats anti-ageing, Glycolic Acid resurfaces.
  • Use daily to brighten and revitalise tired eyes.
  • Apply a small amount to the skin beneath the eye, starting towards the middle of the face and gently massage outwards, avoiding the eye itself.

The Avant RNA Radical

Christmas Eve

This Works Deep Sleep Shower Gel

  • Luxurious daily shower gel.
  • Moisturising and nourishing.
  • Rich with soothing natural oils to relax the muscles and mind.
  • Promotes a deep, peaceful sleep.

This Works are a brand that specialise in designing products to help you unwind, using the powers of aroma to create a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Using this Deep Sleep Shower Gel shortly before bed, particularly as part of a regular routine, will allow you to de-stress and get a fantastic night’s sleep.

Christmas Day

ARgENTUM La Potion Infinie

  • Anti-ageing daily moisturiser formulated with Colloidal Silver.
  • Firming, tightening, and nourishing.
  • Its natural anti-bacterial effects help to control outbreaks.
  • Apply a light coverage in the morning, or apply a greater amount as a night cream.

La Potion Infinie from ARgENTUM is an opulent anti-ageing moisturiser that harnesses the power of colloidal silver to combat oxidative stress, while creating a naturally anti-microbial environment for the skin, which is extremely effective at preventing blemishes. A light application in the morning will leave your skin hydrated and refreshed, whereas in greater quantities it makes for an extremely effective night cream with potent benefits.




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