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What’s inside the Mankind Advent Calendar: Week 1

What's inside the Mankind Advent Calendar: Week 2?

The Mankind Advent Calendar is back, December is in full swing, and for the last week, we’ve been absolutely delighted to see people enjoying what’s inside. We’ve been opening a draw each day on our Instagram Stories for the last week, and you can check that out on our highlight reel. In this blog post, we’re taking you through what’s been inside each draw of our Advent Calendar this week. Read more below.

What’s inside the Mankind Advent Calendar: Week 1

What's inside the Mankind Advent Calendar?

Day 1

Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mask

  • Massage a generous amount into dry scalp.
  • Leave for 10 and 20 minutes then thoroughly rinse away.
  • Treats and re-balances the scalp, fighting flakiness and promoting hair thickness and health.

This pre-shampoo treatment is a luxurious scalp mask that nourishes and cleanses the skin under the hair, creating optimal conditions for hair growth. By cleansing away dead skin and oil, penetrating deeper into the skin than shampoo alone can, it unblocks follicles, and ensures the hydrating benefits of any shampoo and conditioners are longer lasting.

Day 2

Elemis Energising Skin Scrub

  • A natural exfoliating face scrub.
  • Use between 1 and 3 times per week.
  • If your skin responds well to scrubs, you can use it more frequently as required.
  • Phytoplankton granules dislodge and cleanse deep lying dirt.

Elemis are a British Spa brand that have a truly impressive eye for the details in their products. Combining Meadowsweet, a powerful anti-inflammatory, with Marine Phytoplankton granules that use abrasive action to deeply cleanse the pores.

Day 3

House 99 Broad Defense Moisturiser SPF20

  • An ideal daily moisturiser.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and effective at defending against pollution and oxidation.
  • Offers Broad Spectrum UV Protection, helping to fight ageing as well as prevent sun damage.

Skin ageing is a complex process, and while its effects can be combated by replenishing moisture in the skin cells, the easiest way to fight ageing is by limiting its main cause: sun damage. The House 99 Broad Defense Moisturiser is designed to do both, and with it, making anti-ageing skincare part of your daily routine could not be any easier.

Day 4

Molton Brown Russian Leather Bath & Shower Gel

  • Use either as a bath or shower gel.
  • Run small amount under tap to create a luxurious bath foam.
  • Distinctive masculine fragrance.

This opulent bath and shower gel from the heritage British brand blends classic masculine aromas with woody notes of cade and birch, tobacco, and leather. Used either as a body wash or a bath foam, this is a luxurious addition to your bathroom cabinet that we’re sure you’ll love.

Day 5

Philip Kinglsey Re-Moisturising Shampoo

  • Strengthening and cleansing shampoo.
  • Thoroughly hydrates hair which is coarse, dry, or lifeless.
  • Use as part of a regular haircare routine.

Shampoos are the foundation of great hair, and if you’re not using a truly quality shampoo, you’re simply not getting the most out of it your hair. This re-moisturising shampoo thoroughly hydrates the hair from the root to the tip, leaving it soft and manageable, while enhancing the shine of your hair to bring out your natural colour.

Day 6

Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturising Conditioner

  • Hydrating hair conditioner.
  • Use after shampooing to lock in moisture and nutrients.
  • Ensures your hair is in optimal health.

The Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturising Conditioner, when combined with the Re-Moisturising Shampoo, makes a formidable partnership. Thoroughly cleansing and hydrating the scalp and hair, and replenishing nutrients lost both in the cleansing process and throughout the day, pair the two for an unbeatable hair washing routine.

Day 7

Mankind Playing Cards

As an extra special gift, this year we’ve designed this set of completely unique Mankind playing cards especially for our Advent Calendar customers, so you can play card games in style over the festive period this year.

Day 8

Men-Ü Matt Skin Refresh Gel

  • Anti-shine gel.
  • Ideal for daily use and as a midday refresh.
  • Works to tone and tighten skin, reducing sebum production.

Combining Witch Hazel and Salicylic Acid, this refresh gel is designed to rapidly cleanse away sebum, and possesses astringent properties, meaning it also slows the production of oils by the skin. For this reason, it’s an extremely handy and effective solution for those that suffer from oily skin.

Day 9

Madara SMART Anti-Pollution Charcoal and Mud Repair Mask

  • A repairing mud mask.
  • Draws out pollutants while imparting anti-ageing benefits.
  • Apply to the face, avoiding eyes, and leave to set dry for 5-10 minutes before washing off.
  • Use once or twice a week for deep cleansing effects.

The Madara SMART Anti-Pollution Charcoal and Mud Repair Mask harnesses the power of Charcoal and Black Northern Mud. Its extra cleansing benefits bring your complexion up a notch, absorbing away impurities and imparting powerful anti-ageing effects.



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