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The Lab Series and Aveda partnership that we’re really excited about

When it comes to producing skin care that is functional, straightforward, and top quality, Lab Series are at the top of their game. We’ve been huge fans of their ranges for a really long time here at Mankind. Formulated to cater for all manner of men’s skin care needs, Lab Series offers a huge range of products which are specifically tailored to skin type and the individual demands of their customers. This month on Mankind we’re really excited to announce that Lab Series are partnering up with Aveda, specialists in eco-friendly hair products which derive their ingredients from plants.

For a limited time, when you purchase two Lab Series products you’ll receive Aveda’s Pure-formance Shampoo as a free gift. Because at Mankind, we’re all about making sure you’re in the know when it comes to grooming, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Lab Series and Aveda products that you need to try.

Lab Series and Aveda

Lab Series All-in-one body wash

The Lab Series All-in-one body wash epitomises the lab series approach. A top quality, multi-purpose product that offers functionality as well as versatility, you’ll be able to achieve a top-level clean for the hair, body, and face, as well as using it as an effective pre-shave treatment.

Aveda Purescription Volumising Tonic

The Purescription Volumising Tonic from Aveda is an exceptional pre-styler for fine hair, which adds texture and volume without weighing it down. Using it on the hair before a styling product, you’ll be able to achieve high volume looks with ease. It can be used to enhance any hair style, but works particularly well with matte looks, as the additional volume helps to absorb light, creating a naturally textured look.

Lab Series Solid Water Essence

The Solid Water Essence from Lab Series makes use of ginseng and caffeine to deliver long lasting moisturising effects. An effective astringent, using the Essence between cleansing and moisturising will close your pores and mattify your skin. Your complexion will appear brighter and clearer, while your skin will be protected from environmental aggressors.

Aveda Men’s Thickening Paste

The Men’s Thickening Paste from Aveda is a hair styling product with a pliable hold and a natural finish. Volumising and creating texture, while highlighting the natural shine of the hair, it will be practically impossible to notice you have product in, but you’ll be perfectly able to create the matte and natural styles you need.

The Lab Series Tinted Moisturiser SPF35

This Tinted Moisturiser from Lab Series is a smart addition to any man’s skin care arsenal. Colour correcting, the moisturiser also repairs damaged or dry skin, while the broad spectrum SPF35 eliminates the risk of sun damage.

Aveda Scalp Remedy Anti-Dandruff Solution

The Aveda Scalp Remedy Anti-Dandruff Solution is a perfect fit for those with a dry, itchy, or flaky scalp. A treatment which adds volume, strength, and shine to hair, it also beats dandruff and prevents the recurrence of issues by naturally soothing and balancing the scalp.

Lab Series All-in-one face treatment

The All-in-one face treatment from Lab Series can be used effectively as an everyday moisturiser as part of a wider skin care routine, but is also formulated for use as a catch-all treatment, with its anti-ageing and soothing properties. Perfect to calm irritation after a shave, or for replacing lost nutrients and moisture after cleansing.


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