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What People Really Think About Men Wearing Makeup

Men’s makeup has been growing in popularity for quite a while amongst the beauty industry.  From subtle touch ups to full faces, it’s great to see such a positive reaction from celebrities, bloggers and the general public alike. We encourage men to use whichever products they like to make them feel good, yet some men still worry about taking the plunge due to the slight taboo which still exists around men wearing makeup.

In an attempt to shed some light on the subject, we’ve asked several people from around the office as well as a selection of bloggers for their opinion about men wearing makeup. Interested in finding out what they said? Find out here.

Why Do Men Wear Makeup?

Different men wear makeup for a variety of reasons. Some wear a small amount of concealer to hide spots, dark circles and other imperfections, whereas some wear it to make their skin look better on TV. Often, the men sporting bolder makeup looks enjoy using makeup as a creative outlet to enhance their features. Similar to how makeup makes women feel, a few cosmetic products can leave men feeling more confident both inside and out.

Enhance Your Features With Makeup For Men

Grooming Editor

Enhance Your Features With Makeup For Men

This year, the realm of men’s grooming is growing and expanding at a rapid rate. One of the latest trends taking off is makeup for men. Here at Mankind, we’ve always been supporters of men’s makeup and seeing a growing amount of men experimenting with cosmetics is great. Intrigued by the makeup for men trend? Our guide below will help you to achieve a professional look in no time.

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What Do People Think?

I think the word ‘makeup’ scares a lot of men, but if you look at the individual products that make up this collective of ‘makeup,’ you can begin to see which products could work for you. For example, liquid lipstick and liquid concealer both have the title of ‘makeup’ but they are totally different products. Some men wouldn’t see the benefit of wearing a metallic liquid lipstick on a daily basis, but may benefit from bit of concealer mixed in with their eye cream to instantly diminish those dark circles!” – Jack Dempsey 

I’ve never really considered it myself as seems like it could be quite time consuming and expensive. Maybe one day if it was in fashion or the norm then I might try it but at the moment it’s probably not for me. For men who do choose wear makeup, it doesn’t bother me at all,  I wouldn’t think of them any different, it’s their own personal choice.” – James, Mankind Team

Men should be allowed to wear makeup without feeling out-of-place or judged, I myself wear concealer on a regular basis to hide flaws and  imperfections. Why should it be different for men? We’re all human after all. If make-up makes you feel confident then wear it, man or woman, we all have feelings and emotions, wear whatever makes you feel good from the inside and outside.” – John Wharff 

Similar to James’ opinion, I just don’t see it as something that the majority do. But I’m sure, as with most things if it was more widely accepted then I’d probably give it a go. Go for it if it makes you comfortable. I can’t say I wouldn’t look twice as it’s not something I’m used to seeing, but I’m not one to judge.” – Joe, Mankind Team

Makeup for men is becoming so popular, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you’re using it to cover up a blemish, or to generally enhance your features, it’s completely okay. Just make sure you blend it out, so it looks as natural as possible. I think over the next year, it’s going to become more accessible. Many brands are already bringing out makeup ranges specifically for men, so I’d say give it a try!” – Shaun, His Habits

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