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Bolin Webb have made it their ambition to bring us stylish, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing razors that not only look fantastic, but also offer a great shave.  Here at Mankind, the R1 has 4 new colours added to the Bolin Webb razor collection which look awesome. Why not find out more?

Bolin Webb R1 Razor

The R1 razor is a combination of curve, balance and movement, designed to give you a precision shave. Complete with a bacteria resistant rubber handle, the grip is comfortable and glides over the skin with little interference. The Bolin Webb R1 Razor also accepts the Gillette Mach3 blades. Not only do they work extremely effectively, they also look incredibly suave; we’re definitely proud to put ours on show in the bathroom at home.

Discover the new colours to the razor collection:

If you’re not keen on the colours of the razors above, you can check out the other colours available here at Mankind including stylish monochrome hues.

Which one takes your fancy? Let us know over on Twitter at @MankindCoUk!



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